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Intellivision Ebay Roundup

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51 minutes ago, Humblejack said:

Hi All,

Since no one has brought up the rare items I have up on ebay I guess I'll have to plug my own auctions.

I have lots of good stuff up with more to come.

Here is just one of them and of course you can click the "See other items" to see all the listings I have up.


Here is the LTO Flash.




Also check out the Super Rare (don't you just want to cringe anytime the Rare comes up for auction like a loose Donkey Kong cartridge?)... My Super RARE Press Releases for 4 games. These are all original, no copies.


Yes I do ship to all countries but ebay makes it very difficult (for me) to figure out how to set the shipping parameters. 


Please bid high and often, the proceeds go to me!


I want to let all of you Intellivisioneers know what a great privilege I have had over the years associating with and to get to know many of you personally.

I have sold and bought many game from many of you over the years and have enjoyed it immensely. 


I have had so many inquires asking about my health from AA members I guess I should say something so you get it straight from the horses mouth, or in this case the horses ass.


On Mar 7th my check up showed I was cancer free. On June 6th my check up showed the cancer had returned. It returned to the prostrate area and they still have not identified what kind of cancer is in my liver. Imagine is this day and age to be 1 in 8 billion to have a cancer that is unknown. Anyway in on the 21st of June the doc said I have 3 months unless I take the chemo but the doctor would not say how long I have if I do take the chemo. It is so aggressive that they could not believe how much worse it was from the 26th of June CT Scan and the July 31st CT Scan. I am looking into additional treatments and have hope that I can find one that works, in the mean time I am trying to clear out my Intellivision collection. So much Intellivision so little time.


For all you movie fans do any of you know what movie and who said "Keep that sense of humor, it's critical". It became my life motto as my children and I have used it for more than 40 years. 


Sorry for the long post but I think this is the place for it. If not the administrator can erase it.


Thank you all for so many years of friendship and literally tons of fun from auctions to conventions it has been great.


Your one of my favorite peoples Hank so dont give up. Keep up the fight.


Hope your auctions get lots of bids!

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1 hour ago, vtadave said:

LF I and II on ebay accepting offers.  I am at 113/125, so looking to get some of the "cheaper" ones before I throw down $2K or whatever for these 2.

If it's the 2 listings I'm thinking of, I believe the tape on each should come off decently well. That kind of clear tape with the strings running through it generally keeps from drying out too much over time. So if you start from the low end and SLOWLY peel up towards the box edge, you should be able to remove the bulk of it. Then it's just a dab of Goo Gone or Goof Off to remove the glue residue.

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5 hours ago, vtadave said:

LF I and II on ebay accepting offers.  I am at 113/125, so looking to get some of the "cheaper" ones before I throw down $2K or whatever for these 2.

U mean these two?




Price / quality ratio not good unless the seller is willing to cut by two or more the initial price…

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16 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Yeah I noticed that about the boxes.  Was afraid to offer $200 less for fear he'd accept. lol.

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2 hours ago, the1hatman said:

I don't know which one of you did this...




...but I can't tell if you're an evil genius or a straight up monster  :lolblue:

I believe that is a rare variant.  It's no different than the carts with a sticker over the original title.  Probably worth millions!!!!

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