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Intellivision Ebay Roundup

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3 hours ago, vtadave said:

Well, this escalated quickly.  Bidding is up to $1,275 with SIX days left.  I'm out.

I never assumed I had a chance in the first place.   The only chance I have at one of these is to stumble on one in a lot or someone not knowing what they have.  

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4 hours ago, Kamikazi26 said:

Watch it be a repro box. It looks almost too much in good condition. :P


if I was the bidder, I would get it in writing from the seller first that it is an original box (ask for a picture if the bottom inner flap - the reproduction boxes have a label that says they are reproductions). 

curious to see how high it goes…

Not a bad idea to get reassurance on the authenticity but I'm pretty sure this is a legit box.


1. The front of the box has some indentation along the entire left side by the end fold.

2. There is a crease in the same side at the bottom half.

3. The bottom left flap is slightly bent down.

4. On the right side of the back by the end fold, there is either a smudge or some loss of gloss about 2/3 the way up that edge.

5. There is some kind of stain or spot just under the screenshot on the back right.

6. The top left corner on the back is slightly dented in.

7. There is another smudge under the INTV Corp info at the bottom center of the back.


All of that could be replicated on a reproduction box but that is a LOT of detail to have to fake. It looks like real ageing to me. I'm around 95% certain this is all original. Hard to tell on the manual or cart label though.


Also, I have no connection to this item or the seller. Just my "certified cardboard expert " observations :lolblue:

Double also, those are all pretty minor defects for a game this rare and that old. It's a solid 7/10 condition-wise assuming the manual and cart are also legit and that the sides are not crushed. I'd be asking for pictures of the box sides and the cart running on real hardware more than anything else.

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12 hours ago, Lathe26 said:

I'll add that the off-white color of the box, likely from aging, matches my original non-repro Spiker box.

I was thinking the same thing but I don't know enough about photography to tell if I was really seeing that or if it was just the lighting in the pics.


10 hours ago, Morpheus said:

I chatted with the seller,  my feeling is that he’s a good guy, he sent me the box sides and flaps pictures…IMG_3625.thumb.jpeg.9cc8be2572ccaf929b28393633a40228.jpegIMG_3624.thumb.jpeg.a728f48ba4cf58a6afa877714cc417f5.jpegIMG_3623.thumb.jpeg.631266b7408f00b80e4fffbb128d9b19.jpegIMG_3622.thumb.jpeg.3626230ff4237614d9cdf95ed8dc414c.jpeg

That is fantastic! Yeah that box is legit alright. My copy also has the slightly rounded top and bottom flaps even though the sides stayed nice and flat. I'm thinking that is something with the light gloss coating over the cardboard of this era where it warps the smaller pieces over time the same way we see shrinkwrap do with unopened games sometimes. Either way, this is a pretty nice condition copy of Spiker. Someone is going to be really happy with it if they can keep it under $2K, lol

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4 hours ago, JasonlikesINTV said:

I think he may have copied one of my listings.

The text looks alot like what i put in, just mixed a bit.

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1 hour ago, Psycho Stormtrooper- Rog said:

I think he may have copied one of my listings.

The text looks alot like what i put in, just mixed a bit.

some one should tell him to cancel the FCTVVO…🤣


and this seller forgot a "V"…


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4 hours ago, Morpheus said:

For Color Tele-Viewing Only!

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