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CrazyBrix - WIP


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Mine came i today and plays great I always loved breakout type games and this is a great version not overboard like Arkanoid and more than the basic breakout game.

I think its the 1st of its type on the 7800.


Raining here in NJ so made it a nice day to game esp with Bob's releases :)

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I got my copy today and it rox i like how it encompasses both elements of super breakout and arkanoid its a really kewl game and i like bobs own personal touches that he added they are really kewl man i like playing this game and thank goodness for bob that we keep getting new games to play on the 7800 cuz otherwise it would really suck not having anything new to play ever again thank you bob and keep up the good work.

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Thanks rmaerz:


I duplicated it. This only happens when the following occurs:

- Two players are playing

- One player has double paddles and the other has either a single paddle or double paddles on a different zone


The most important thing is it does not affect game play. The ball passes through the 'ghost' paddle and once the opposite player has a paddle in that zone it fixes itself.


This issue has been resolved. Here are the updated bins.

I apologize for that.








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While Bob toils on his latest Armor Attack for the 7800, I've been mastering Bob's CrazyBrix breakout game from 2011. I think we should resurrect this game and sell 10,000 carts. We just need to find more 7800 hardware owners and boom it's done. The gameplay is great and the colors fantastic. The sound needs to be upgraded to pokey, IMHO. And there's a solid 1K+ space available for upgrades. Sweet! Here's some screen shots of various levels...









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Thanks, man :) I think you have some screens missing ;)


I notice something odd with those screen shots - I'm thinking you are using MESS, right? The colors seem to be changing in the wrong spot.


On ProSystem and the real thing, the colors change in-between the bricks (not in the middle like they show here).


Anyway, thank you very much for the kind words ;)



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I must be using a bad camera. Actually I'm using Prosystem, and shooting shots with Mac Preview Screenshot Selection.

I've never tried MESS as it still sits in my long-term in-basket. The game has been modified to solicit comments...


True, there are levels missing, my bad. I knew that and that's why I didn't label which levels are which. I was having too

much fun with the gameplay to pay attention to every level getting a screen shot. When we're ready to market 10,000+

cart units I assure you I can do a better job. I'm not ready for that yet and probably you're not either. Nobody knows

about atariage.com, cuz nobody talks about it in a big way that we could. The problem of course is we're 30 years out

now and although apparently 3.77 million base units sold, probably only about 100K are still in play - in the garage, the

attic, the basement, lost in a closet "somewhere", etc. And they're wired to work with old RF TV's with a switch box,

and that's if they still work at all. There's probably going to be some talk later this year about what more we can do, so stand by...


But I thinks my CrazyBrix is somehow broke. Did you happen to see the 22 extra lives on later screen shots?

Any more extra lives and holes break open on the upper part of the playfield on certain levels.

Not that that's a problem as lost balls through the top are immediately replaced from the bottom.

Good design on your part.


And a happy April Fools to you Senor Bob. Good night 2U. ///BLUEman///

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I was just kidding about the screenshots - it was good of you to put up what you did. :)


BTW, this is what I mean about the colors:



I'm using ProSystem (under Windows), and it shows up the same way on the real thing. The DLI I'm using has the colors change between the space in the bricks. I've noticed that in many people's screenshots (particularly ones using MESS - which is why I asked) the colors change in the middle of the bricks.


It's not a big deal - I just wanted people to know that the colors actually do change where they should on cart.


10000 carts? I wish. ;)

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Back in the day, everything was B&W and we didn't have to worry about COLOR. The biggest PONG failure was the coin basket overflowing and jamming the coin op mechanism. Removed the basket and the coins filled the bottom of the console. Those were the days when real cash money flowed...


My CrazyBrix version is almost ready, except I ran into an impossible level problem that I'm going to have to fix "somehow". I think it's level 13, and looking at my posted photos I don't see it there. I will either have to add a count-down timer or a firebutton option to skip the current level, or "simply" change the maze. Otherwise my game is hilarious. You won't believe what you're seeing. Maybe released by next Monday.


The original CRAZY BRIX is AVAILABLE for sale on www.atariage.com. (I didn't know this yesterday).


CRAZY BRIX - 10,000 copies AVAILABLE NOW. $30/each Mitch will be Ritch!!! And Bob?


These are all the 7800 games for sale - 2 pages...



Now a new wrinkle... When I produce a new version, people can actually order a cart with a label if I/we supply the artwork. Are you kidding me? I've been here since September 1 (unofficially) and didn't know this. So what's the royalty for carts sold? People want Bob's games and they want mine too.





http://www.atariage.com/7800/forum/ ;General forum site

http://www.atariage....00/programming/ ;Programming site

http://www.atariage.com/7800/hacks/ ;Hacks site

http://www.atariage.com/7800/sales/ ;Sales site


This should keep Mitch busy. Then I'll make the call and the Atari 7800 will go viral.

The site will drop dead within 500 ms, keeping Mitch busy again.


Now I have a decision to make. When I turn into a pumpkin on 12-20-2013, will I pay $30 for extended membership, or $30 for Crazy Brix?

I think I know the answer - I want Crazy Brix - gimme gimme gimme.



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