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Moon Cresta 7800


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Got mine Friday and wow I did play it in arcade back in the day and pop it up on MAME sometimes and this version is so close to the arcade its crazy!


Love it I suck at it but its got that "just one more game" playability Great Work Bob your carts are the best for the 7800


I played your Super Circus on my Wii with Wi7800 I may not have an XM yet but will buy the cart when available

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Popped it in again tonight. After scoring under 1000 for like 15 tries, I finally beat all the levels to the point your get a reward tune and the pattern loops around again . Felt good.


My 7800's graphic clarity suffers a bit (default composite connection to the TV). I watched the emulator-sourced youtube vid and only then did I realize that each ship has a I, II, and III on them! These just look like blurry boxes in the center of the ships on my set.


Also, isn't it true that the 7800's audio is mono? My 7800's sound must be wacked a bit, it emulates stereo sound! some sounds will only play on the right channel now & then (not just on this game). It actually fools my ears into thinking I hear stereo. It's pretty cool and I think its just an inadvertent sound effect, thought I'd share it.

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OMG Blob you have surpassed yourself, ok, I absolutely suck and I have never played Moon Cresta on any format before, but wow. Grfx,colour and gameplay are awesome :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


oh, it works on my PAL RGB 7800 perfectly :grin:

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Well, since I have a nice, mint cocktail Moon Cresta cab sitting about four feet from my 7800, I think I can speak with some authority that this is one hell of a close port. Other than the ol' 7800 sound chip sounding slightly different (that it sounds as good as it does is impressive), this is one superbly done port. Which comes as no surprise by now :P


I'm particularly impressed with the accuracy of the enemy movements, by which I mean the damned cart is every bit as cheap and annoying as the arcade :D


All in all, this is one of my favorite games Bob has done, right up there with the Pac Man Collection and Co. Great stuff.

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