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What Genesis game are you playing right now?


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Was playing Gunstar Heroes the other day, and then popped in Pirates Gold (finally got it off eBay) and played it a tiny bit, just to make sure it worked. Haven't had time to sit down with it yet, I'll probably end up playing Road Rash 1 or 2 instead.

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LHX Attack Chopper

I liked that game a lot, we used to have the demo back when we got our first PC (so around 97). Haven't played it since then, I wouldn't mind getting back into it.


Core made a game kind of like it (I forget the name, at the moment) for the Sega CD...it's not quite as much fun, it's a lot more arcadey and "blow everything up", but still kind of neat.

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I just started playing through Ys III last week. Hope to have it finished in a couple weeks.


I grew up with the SNES version, but after comparing them all, I think the Genesis version might be my favorite.


I haven't played the game since I beat it many years ago (I got the game on release day). I don't quite remember having to grind so much, but at least it's not as bad as Phantasy Star 2.

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I clearly remember the amount of grinding we had to do >_<


We ended up bringing it over to my house and setting Y on turbo (I think), going into that first cave and just leaving Adol to kill bats for a half-hour or so.


I think we tried just taping down the button before that, since attacking was already turbo anyway. Too bad that strategy didn't work too well later in the game, we ended up having to do the rest of our grinding all legit-like.


I wouldn't doubt it if we used a little bit of Game Genie, either.

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I played Streets of Rage tonight as well. My girlfriend and I played co-op on Hard difficulty, and got to the last level before running out of continues. We were very rusty, though, so maybe we'll try again soon and have better luck.


I also played Battle Squadron for about 20 minutes, but didn't get very far. Tough game.

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Langrisser 2. It's quite a nice strategy game--I like that the generals have units attached to them. The levels take SO LONG to complete, though. Mostly because all of these units have to actually move. I've just gotten to the 4th stage and it feels like I've run a marathon.


Does genesis have any isometric turn-based strategy games? That angle helps a couple SNES games feel considerably more modern.

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