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Space Rocks (2600)


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I eagerly awaiting for it to be released as well, though I don't know how much longer it'll be. The printing company messed up the manual: the blue parts came out purple while white text ended up grey, which rendered it illegible. I think Al's still waiting on Melody boards as well.

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Huh. Between your experience, that of Al recently (with the Tempest 5200 manuals) and Opcode (with the Super Game Module manuals and boxes), I have to wonder what's up in the printing industry.


Regardless, this one is definitely worth waiting for. :)

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This looks awesome and have enjoyed it in emulation. I like the "what looks to be inspired by the Space 1999 Eagle ships" artwork. Cant wait until it's available in cart form!


It's from the ship that appears in the backdrop artwork of Asteroids Deluxe.


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