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Last 3 games you played?

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For any system...what were the last 3 games you played recently???



For me...



Kangaroo (Atari 5200)



Ms. Pacman (Atari 5200)



Porky's (Atari 2600)



:) thanks to a good friend who hooked me up with a nice copy of Porky's for the 2600 yesterday,but yea those are the last 3 games I played just now.


What about you?

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Captain America and the Avengers (NES)


Mecharobot Golf (SNES) - So bad that it is funny (just watch the opening sequence and then the title screen)


The 7th Saga (SNES) (One of the best and most difficult RPGs ever)

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- Skate or Die: Bad 'N' Rad (Game Boy)


(Beat it today. Pretty good game.)


- Top Gun: Combat Zones (GameCube)


(I wasn't expecting much but at first acquaintance, it seems pretty decent.)


- Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (GameCube)


(Specifically, my girlfriend and I played Pit Fighter through to the end -- I won -- plus a little bit of Spy Hunter II. The latter seemed like a total mess, but maybe it was just bad emulation. We also tried Wizard of Wor and some game about chopping trees, but couldn't get the two-player mode to work.)


Not really a very characteristic list for me, since I'm more of an 8- and 16-bit guy and we usually only bust out the GameCube every month or two to play Super Monkey Ball 2.

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Pizza place for dinner, coin ops: Mario bros, Centipede, Galaga


DS: Impossible Mission, Zenses: Rainforest, Geometry Wars Galaxies


Console, Wii: Animal Crossing GC, Mario Party 9, Mario Bros VC




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Call of Duty (xbox live)

Adventures of Lolo (famicom jap version.. a lot harder than our AOL1)

plants vs. zombies.. ipad


Plants vs. Zombies isn't exactly a game I'm "playing" since I've beaten it upmteenth times over. But I just happened t have an ipad in my hands with it on there not too long ago and I played a minigame or two on it. And this is the "last 3 games you've played", and not "the 3 games you want people to know that you play" So who am I to lie. :P

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