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Hey kids! Here is a bonus .xex, of which the .png image is long lost, of the Gorn Commander from Star Trek. I don't think I ever posted a version of this one...(sorry if I have)...it was one of those I tried over and over, and went back too again and again, attempting to get the "perfect" conversion, which I never did achieve to my liking. I don't know if this is my best attempt or not, but I found it while going through some older conversions and decided it wasn't half bad now.


Edit: I attached a shot of my screen with Altirra, taken with my phone.





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3 hours ago, miker said:

OK, no commodore pic now.

This time some art. No red color here so maybe it will come out nice. :)





Can be in done in "landscape" mode. I think.

I started to give this one a shot with Rastaconverter, landscape orientation, but quite honestly the impressionistic look of it just looks like absolute shit in 160x240, the destination pictures I came up with looked like shit, and that's the goal of the converter, but as we all know, the output never looks quite as good as the destination image, so I decided it's not worth my time. Sorry.

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The best way I have found is to crop any image that is not in 4:3 ratio too a 4:3* ratio and then resize it to 320x240. Let Rastaconverter resize to 160x240, which it does automatically when it converts an image. Any other preconditioning of the image is up to you; sometimes it's better to do some contrast. gamma and brightness, along with color saturation before any adjustments within Rastaconverter.


The easiest way I have found to get a 4:3 ratio is to start by cropping an image to a rough estimate of a 4:3 crop-box, then choose 4:3 ratio when resizing and type in 320 for horizontal and the graphic program will tell you what the vertical resolution will be on your cropped image. If it is lower than 240, crop a bit off vertically, if it is higher than 240, crop a bit off horizontally until you get to 240 or as close as possible. While doing this I do not confirm the resizing, I check what it will be, then back out and crop more while still at the higher resolution.

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I mean, as source you should use 320x240 pixels images (Rastaconverter resizes images to 160x240 graphics 15 Atari resolution).


For example, instead of this 320x206 source image you used



use that 320x240 image



In this way you will not have the black space at the bottom.

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RastaSlide - RastaConverter Slide Show Maker Release Version

Not much change from the beta apart from some slide size optimizing improvements


RastaSlide 1.0.zip



Quite a lot of attempts and cropping on this Nyan Cat by Vexcel, and less of the RastaConverter scratchy look now than expected. Extra white lines when viewing the XEX which I failed to avoid despite repeated attempts. The original picture is very vibrant poster art and may be the best looking Nyan Cat ever (OK, that's quite a low bar).



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3 hours ago, Roydea6 said:

This is reported as having a Trojan virus.

Problem appears to be rslide.exe itself, VirusTotal shows it triggering 5 (out of 70 something) detection systems. Normally not a big deal, as many innocuous unsigned executables trigger, but I do notice VirusTotal thinks the executable is calling on wshtcpip.dll. Detection would probably go away if this wasn't linked; perhaps it was just linked in by mistake.

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