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What is 'TRON: Complete'?


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Hi Rev,

Please count me in for at least 2 when they become available. I remember playing Solar Sailor most as a kid 3 decades ago. I played Maze-A-Tron too but find that one annoying now. I haven't played Adventures of Tron yet. Just curious how you guys rank the 4 inty Tron games?

Hope all is well in inty community.


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for input - I gotta try Adventures of Tron. I remember getting pretty decent at Solar Sailor as you do get to use the 16-direction disc a lot. Just thought it was a very playable game back then and liked the intellivoice feature + getting the pass codes for next stage. If I'm not mistaken though you couldn't save the game but you still needed to write down code to type in - God its been so long I really gotta play it again now. Amazingly enough, I played Deadly Discs but not that much which is a shame because I assume that game blows Maze-A-Tron out of the water - still not sure how I gave that game as many hours as I did way back when? I would need to read directions to even know how to play today - maybe its not that bad?

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