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Hive multi-cart - It's alive!

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I see the frenzy here yet under the circumstances I cannot endorse it.


I don't care what this thing is or what it does for the Intellivison that I love and collect and play for.


My friend and I are out a couple hundred bucks for games we pre-ordered and never received. 18 months ago?


Anyone recall that with Rocketeer, Mars Minis, and Killbotz?.....I don't think the last one made it to pre-order.


I feel that money has been redirected into this project. I have been collecting and playing the Intellivision for 35 years now and have dealt with and met so many great people.


I love all you upstanding Intellivision people! And please don't ask me if I want a refund on the games that were already paid for. Just make them and release them as it was stated you would.


I play games, I collect games and yes I do not produce games. Please don't send the players and collectors in another direction than they thought they were going. Thank you, Dale Wolfson

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