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Strips, Reference Cards, Manuals, Labels and more! (HQ)


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Extended Basic 2.7 Suite Master Label File

(Zero Loss .BMP Format)





Is it possible to make a professional, laminated, peel and stick label from this file? One that rivals the quality of a label on real cart?


It would be great if we could team this artistic Gentleman with a label making technician to produce a truly superior product. Can anyone help out here?

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I guess if you really need the stickum on the label itself you could print them out on regular labels and then laminate them, but the printing never seems to look as good as when it's printed on high quality photo paper, which is what I use, but has no stick backing. I laminate them afterwards so the label is protected for DECADES... and it also gives them that nice shine like a real TI label.


The major drawback of my method is that you have to carefully cut out every freaking label by hand, talk about a time consuming pain in the rear end if you do any quantity of them at one time. Normally I only do one or two at a time, so it's never been a big deal to me.


I've never had a problem with my labels sticking though, I use UHU glue stick and the labels have NEVER come off yet. Once attached, who will know if the label had built-in sticky or added sticky?


One I made for Dano a while back needed a hole in it and the lamination placed over it afterwards so the recessed LED on the Super Cart would shine through. That one was fun to make!





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For those of you making cartridges, there is a company that will make high quality vinyl labels that you can customize for your cartridge.

The website is stickeryou.com . For $10 plus shipping, you can get a page of 26 stickers, a great deal!


If you do this here's some tips. Make your photo a little brighter, because the printing process will make it darker. I used the program VUEPRINT and pressed the + (plus) key 5 times to increase the brightness get my labels to print at the correct brightness. The size to choose for a cart label is 0.56" x 3.62". Choose rounded corners. Make sure your image fills the cutout area, I had to increase the size of my image by adding an extra black area around the edges.


They really came out great, I'm very pleased with the results.






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I like those labels, Gazoo! I think I'm going to have to make some for the various other cartridges (like the Games/Utility carts for the 512K boards) when I get a chance to play with the label files.



Ω, here's a nice opportunity for your wonderful graphics ability--label templates for the Game and Utility Multicarts. :) :) :)

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Hey, that looks Kick-Azz! Great job!

Now you've given me a reason to play with this new fangled GIMP program (when I get time)... TNX!


Thanks. The biggest thing to get used to is the lack of shapes. But once you conquer the primitives and their functionalities you are in good "shape." (See what I did there?) For instance, to make the game screen cartoon area I used the rectangular selection tool, set it to have rounded corners, selected the area so it matched the original cover scan, then stroked the selection. Bada-bing!


I also had to put up a v1.1 a little bit ago. I screwed up the game screen cartoon layer so it was imposisble to line up the other layers with it.

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