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Strips, Reference Cards, Manuals, Labels and more! (HQ)


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Here's a quick reference card I ran across while going through my "stuff". Never seen this one before.


Wiley Quick Reference Guide - TI 99/4A BASIC


Wish it was in better condition but you gets what you takes, as they say...


Ok, so, apparently I can't upload larger than 10MB. .


I may have one of those as well, Dano. I'll try and dig it up to see if mine is in better shape than yours is, just in case.


Cleaned and compressed the Dano's Version one. ;)


i could be CantStopCleaning :-D :-D ??


Willey Quick Reference Guide - TI_99_4A BASIC.pdf


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Cleaned and compressed the Dano's Version one. ;)


i could be CantStopCleaning :-D :-D ??


attachicon.gifWilley Quick Reference Guide - TI_99_4A BASIC.pdf



"CantStopCleaning" I like it!


And thanks for taking the time to clean it up. I try to scan at a fairly high res so editing can be made without too much loss of quality. This one was particularly difficult because it exceeds A4 length and that's the max my scanner will do. So I fudged and centered the first page (so as not to cut off Texas Instruments and the Wiley logo at the bottom) and the rest I just cropped off the top 1/4" since it was just wasted space anyhow.


Here's what it really looks like as an original:




Measures 12" x 6"





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I got a NEW Editor/Assembler package today, so the FIRST thing I wanted to do is scan in the pristine and never before touched reference card. :grin:

Sorry about the size of the file, but I wanted it to look good. There are no watermarks or other garbage cluttering up the beginning or the end, it's just a high-res scan on the card saved in .PDF format.



TI-EA-Reference Card (HD).pdf

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Huh! I don't think I've ever seen the E/A Reference Card! How useful that would have been!!


Really? I think I never used the Extended Basic Ref card, but my E/A card did suffer a bit over time. As you see, typically stained, bent, a bit torn ... let alone my markings inside ...


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