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Strips, Reference Cards, Manuals, Labels and more! (HQ)


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Not a problem--I put them up so they can be used. I will also have vinyl labels of each of them made at some point (I have several done that way now as test objects) which can be applied to an original blank TI strip and trimmed to make a perfect replacement strip. The white ones are pretty bright when used this way, so I will probably do another variant with a more muted white to make them blend in more with the originals. The beige ones work perfectly as they are, as they have already been color adjusted to blend in nicely.

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Here are some keyboard strips for the 99/8. There is an original scan of the one used for BASIC, along with a color-normed and crisp set of beige strips as follows: Blank, BASIC, P-SYSTEM, and TI WRITER. The strips are the right size when compared to my original as a template, within about a millimeter or so.






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Not sure why anyone would want this one, but here it is anyway...


** EDIT **


OLDCS1 did some digital magic to the original upload and IMPROVED IT. It now looks better than my original copy. I left the old one if anyone is interested in comparing the differences. You'll be ableto see the great job he did.


Now you 9 people that originally download it... re-download THIS one instead. You'll like it much better.


Thanks OLDCS1! :)




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TI-99/4A / PS/2 -- Keyboard Strip


For those of you that have performed the PS/2 keyboard upgrade on your TI's, or for those who plan to in the future, this keyboard strip may come in handy.





This strip is in WORD format, so you can easily edit it for other strips/programs you may want to use.


For best results, I suggest printing on 110lb 'card stock'. Oh, it looks really nice once it's laminated! :)


This strip is optimized for the Black & Silver HP keyboard.

TI-99 PS2 Keyboard Strip.zip


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Improved Keyboard Strip for PS/2 Enhanced TI-99/4A's


This new version gives you the best of both worlds, the regular strip on the bottom, and a strip on top for a specialty program, which means less swapping of keyboard strips. :)





The zip file contains the overlay in WORD format, so you can easily edit the template for any program you wish.


Enjoy! Ω


** EDIT **


Okay, I got home and couldn't wait to laminate it, cut it out and see it in place...




TI-PS2 Overlay-BA80.zip

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When I was but a wee lad in North Dakota, the teacher who ran the Atari lab also happened to be president of the local TI users group: MAD-HUG -- Minnesota And Dakota Home Users Group.


I found a couple of the newsletters with some interesting information.



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Oh, wow... there are a couple of names in there I have not heard of in years. I had classes with Bill Overton's son, and as I recall he ran a BBS on one of his TIs. By the time '87 rolled around I was moving on to the Commodore 64 as it was much easier to expand using lawn mowing money.

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