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The Official NEO-GEO Thread!

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12 hours ago, M-S said:

 I think developers should also consider releasing on the Neo Geo CD, or something more accessible, like the Dreamcast. 

Neo CD is a good one. And worth a try.


Not sure how it benefits the Neo Geo scene if even more stuff gets released on the Dreamcast, which already has a quite healthy semiprofessional homebrew scene.

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Hi Guys,


@ColecoGamer is proud to announce his latest project to be posted here on AtariAge and directly towards the Neo-Geo thread. It's currently in the works and it will be available to be played on the Neo-Geo MVS, AES, and CD. He hopes that the game will be to everyone's liking and if you have any inquirers, please contact Mike at anytime. He will assist you as best he can. :)  



The Mountain King


Genre: D&D Cyberpunk Beat ‘em up (think Capcom’s AD&D Tower of Doom, etc)


System: Neo-Geo MVS, Neo-Geo AES and Neo-Geo CD


Concept: The vicious Mountain King has awakened from his thousand year slumber to conquer the lands of many kings. His dark and evil minions ransacked towns and villages, destroying homes, businesses and innocent people.


The kings of the land have called upon their best warriors to thwart this menace and defeat the Mountain King for good. 


As one of five warriors (along with a friend), your mission is to travel through the war-torn landscape,  and dispatch the Mountain King’s demonic soldiers and leaders. Along the way, the player will gain experience points from defeating enemies. The player’s character will level up, gaining more damage to inflict on enemies and skills that include Team Healing, Ice Storms and the like.


Gold coins can be found randomly in treasure chests; food can be found randomly to heal wounds; and potions can be found randomly to heal, increase the player’s speed, and other special abilities.


Mounts: Similar to Sega’s Golden Axe, there are mounts or ‘rides’ that can be used by the player. One is a Dinosaur-like raptor, which can attack enemies by bitting.


Boss Fights: At the end of each level is a boss fight, which has different monsters - dragons, ogres, giants and the like. 


Control Scheme:

A-Button: Sword/Melee Attack

B-Button: Block attacks

C-Button: Jump

D-Button: Use Spells/Potions


Breakable items like tables, barrels and posts


NPC vendors to purchase items from


Choose your path - At certain points in the game, the player can choose his own path.


Free villagers that are captured inside cages or tied up










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3 hours ago, ColecoGamer said:

We have a talented C programmer in the team who knows 68000 and Z80 programming. This guy is the REAL deal.  

I will give Anthony updates when they happen, to inform all of you.


Neo-Geo forever!

This is awesome man!!!! Getting a knights of valour vibe which is a real good thing. Best of luck!!!

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I need to speak to our programmers, but once a stable playable demo is made, I am going to contact Funspot to host the demo play to their customers.  

We’ll be there to take suggestions and notes to improve the game. If all goes well when the time comes to play test the demo (i.e. Funspot says ‘yes’), we will update you through the very talented @Charlie Cat!

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Hi guys,


Back with 32BitMusician. Here we see him pickup the awesome Art of Fighting 3 CD  Collectoers Edition. A great piece to have in any Neo-Geo gamers collection and still affordable to buy. Enjoy. ;-)


From the description,

"Join me as I show off this super cool Art of Fighting Collectors edition for the Neo Geo CD! This is such a cool package and it is super affordable! And it is A LOT of fun! There's also a bunch of historical significance with this title! I talk about It all!"




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