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57 minutes ago, Asmusr said:

I don't really have any suggestions, but does it happen with the "PC keyboard" option both on and off?

Yes ... I tried different combinations of "PC keyboard" and "Map arrow keys to Fctn+SDEX". All testing is done against https://js99er.net/ to be sure that I didn't mess up my local clone. 


As mentioned, only one of my PC is affected. I don't see anything we can do right now but being irritated. I'll keep an eye on it and if anybody experience the same issue, please contact me, so we can look for similarities in our installations.


Thank you and all others, who contributed.

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3 hours ago, Retrospect said:

Two questions I would ask are ..... What version of XB are you running and is there an issue with the XB .... and also does this problem happen in Classic99 and Mame ... in standard XB or variants?

I had the same idea .. I tried standard XB 1.1, XB 2.7 G.E.M. and RXB 2024. Classic99 works perfect with "0 - Keyboard" joystick-setting, just like the old non-angular https://old.js99er.net/ .. I don't have MAME installed. 


As mentioned, let's call it quits until someone else has the same issue and we can start to compare the configurations of our PC. 


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