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Shooting Game never die; it's Toaplan Arcade Garage time. Kyuukyoku Tiger-Heli is finally here!




I should have preordered this in time for its October release, but I didn't. I saw Kyuukyoku Tiger at Mikado arcade last month and I wanted to play it, but I didn't. No more waiting; it's here now, and better than the arcade version. Tiger-Heli, the game that literally set up us the bomb was the first shooting game to ever have a screen-clearing bomb, which we now expect as a standard feature for vertical shooters, and its sequel, Kyuukyoku Tiger, the first shooter to ever have the cycling powerups that we all know, are both here, along with almost all of their home ports, international versions, international versions of their home ports, and 2 of Toaplan's relatively obscure arcade games, Get Star and Teki-Paki. I can't wait to get completely wrecked by Kyuukyoku Tiger's insane AI bullets. I love Toaplan so much and I can't wait for the rest of the Toaplan Arcade Garage releases.


That's not all, though... more Toaplan is coming very soon...

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My 7800 bundle of games and manuals arrived today courtesy of @sixersfan105

Super stoked to have a Rev A 1984 ProSystem manual and a 1984 copy of Pole Position II for my small (but growing) 7800 collection!!

Also, made a fair offer for a sealed copy of Tower Toppler via eBay and seller accepted.  Should have it in a few days.



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I didn't get a shipping notification for this and I just went outside to buy something to drink and noticed it in my mailbox. This is secretly the best shooting game on the Mega Drive/Genesis, so definitely play it any way you can as soon as you can.

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It's an Xbox 360. Nothing special here. I know absolutely nothing about Xbox, so this will be interesting.



Here is something special, though: perhaps the hardest shooting game of all time, DoDonPachi Daioujou. Only 2 people are known to have legitimately cleared its almost impossibly difficult Death Label mode since its April 2003 release. I don't deserve to even play or own this, but too late and too bad lol.



The first dude to clear Death Label took over 7 years to do so after getting the game on release day, and he used the Hori Real Arcade Pro to do it, so I bought one myself. Good enough for the best in the world = good enough for me.


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On 1/20/2022 at 4:17 PM, Leonard Smith said:

Ordered from Best Electronics for the first time.  I had no issues dealing with Brad.  
2 emails and we had the deal done and finalized.  A little unorthodox in this day and age of Amazon Prime, but it was smooth and hassle free. 
Shipping was uber quick too.   Love the Atari tape on the box!

(1) Atari 7800 Europad
(2) Atari Proline Joystick (Best Upgraded or whatever it is)




That is a beautiful 2-button joypad. How much did Best Electronics charge?

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So my latest order from Best Electronics arrived.

Picked up another one of his "Best upgraded" 7800 ProLine Joysticks + 4 sealed games
These are sealed games from Brad's 'dented specials' offer....4 games @ $8.00 each if ordered as a set.  You take your chances on the condition...all of mine are in really good shape, so I'm really pleased. 
I called Brad directly to order and I found him easy to work with, efficient and professional, so I don't get the criticisms he sometimes receives.  

Weirdly though, Ms. Pac-Man's box was 'bloated' and puffy (LOL!)...so I opened it up and found a flat piece of foam in the instruction manual pocket, plus a foam piece on the bottom of the box.
The manual and registration card have a little bit of yellowing, so it looks like maybe this was a re-seal?

Was it normal for 7800 games to have foam padding stuffed in their boxes, or did Atari do this when they re-launched the 7800 in the mid 80's?  Not a huge deal for me, but just wondering since I'm new to the 7800 world.



atari bundle.jpg

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Got my first Japanese Xbox game yesterday: DoDonPachi Saidaioujou super limited edition. The previous owner never even removed the plastic it came in, just carefully cut it open and left it on there, so it's still got the original plastic wrapping on it, and never opened the art book or most of the rest of it, just the soundtracks and the game itself, so it's half factory sealed.


I liked DoDonPachi as a military-themed game before they turned everything into robot girls, but that's what happened. This was CAVE's last arcade game. I think all they do now is license rereleases of their old games and make phone games. Sad that this is what Toaplan and CAVE's legacy ended up becoming.



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