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What did you buy today?.........


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Got some sub-$7 classics today: idolM@ster 2, DecAthlete, The Conveni!, and Sega Rally Championship. Also found a nice Sakura Taisen Dreamcast controller. Box isn't perfect, but the controller is in great condition. I really should have gotten im@s 2 on PS3 since it gives you what would be over $300 of DLC on 360 for free, but I don't trust either of my PS3s to not die the moment I turn them on and im@s is something I've associated with the 360 for a decade now anyway.



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On 9/19/2021 at 4:56 PM, Captain Kiwi said:

Today I placed an order for a Berzerk Arcade Cabinet.   I'll post a picture when it arrives (in 6-8 weeks)

Looks like I forgot to actually post the pictures.




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10 minutes ago, 0078265317 said:

BTW, what I fair price these days.  Is this too much with all the scratches and stuff.



Without knowing too much I would say it's a decently fair price.  Scratched up is expected..  But a lot of the marks might be able to be cleaned off...  not too sure about that screen though.  Maybe make an offer to the seller a little under the $48 price.

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I've been slacking in posting my latest GETS, but here goes:

1. Atari 65XE computer (Boxed and pretty much complete - I never owned one of these, and I really love the design.  I maintain that Atari's late computer designs were quite beautiful and unique and that also applies to the XEGS)


2. Atari XEGS system (I had one back in the day, but figured I'd pick up another.  Especially since this one included the manuals, light gun and proper white CX-40 joystick)


3. Atari 2600 JR - A/V modded (why not?)


That's a lot of new hardware.

So in keeping with my non-hoarder philosophy (Santa Claus is rolling his eyes right now), I will be dumping some other unused hardware from my collection on the market forum soon.  I try to keep my house and collection in a thin and trim manner.



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