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Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative


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Happily, there's another huge update to announce.


From my collection:


Chatterbee (Tronix)

Cypher Bowl (Artsci)

DVC/65 (Keyworks Softsystems)

HomePak (Batteries Included)

Magneto Bugs (Gentry Software)

Print Shop Companion (Broderbund)

Rear Guard (Adventure International)

Romper Room's I Love My Alphabet (First Star)

Star Sentry (ANALOG Software)

Starbowl Football (Gamestar)

TeleTari (Don't Ask Software)


From Shawn Jefferson:


850 Express! (Supra Corporation)

Chop Suey (Antic Software)

Colossus Chess 3.0 (Antic Software)

Data Manager XL (Antic Software)

Family Tree (Antic Software)

First XLEnt WordProcessor 1.0 (XLEnt Software)

Heathcliff Fun with Spelling (Datasoft)

Hi-Res Adventure #4 - Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Sierra On-Line)

Original Adventure (LotsaBytes)

SpartaDOS Multi I/O (ICD)

SpartaDOS Toolkit (ICD) - this may have a dump error

Starcross (Infocom)

Suspect (Infocom)

SynFile+ (Synapse Software)

Timewise (Atari)

Warp Speed Software v7.10 (Happy Computers)

XE Term (Atari)

Zombies (Bram)

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Thanks, Fujidude. I have two cassettes waiting for you and am just waiting to see if I can get a few more before sending them to you.

Since I've gotten the cassette deck setup and hooked into my computer, I've finally started getting to making mp3s out of my music tape collection. Thanks to this project.

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Some more updates:


Cassettes from Allan:


Hellcat Ace (MicroProse Software)

King Arthur's Heir (Epyx)

Matchboxes (Broderbund)

Pacific Coast Highway (Datasoft)

Picnic Paranoia (Synapse)

Richard Petty's Talladega (Cosmi)

Spelling Genie v2.0 (APX)

Star League Baseball (Gamestar)


Disks from my collection:


Astro-Grover (Hi-Tech Expressions)

B/Graph (Batteries Included)

Cosmic Balance (SSI)

Matchmaker US Geography (AEC)

Matchmaker World History (AEC)

Printer's Devil (BCI Software)

Printer's Patriot (BCI Software)

Relax (Synapse)

Typesetter (XLEnt Software)

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I've not been paying attention... Great to see all the updates...


Farb, I'll PM you in a few days and we can revisit my collection and see what you still need.


on a slightly related note, if anyone has RED RAT Software on disk that you might be willing to sell for a reasonable price let me know.

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Thanks to advfan we have some new disks:


Astro Chase (First Star Software)

Plaque Man (BCI Software)

V.C. (Avalon Hill)


And some new disks from my collection:


A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing 35-42, 45, 61, 64, 66-69, 71-72, 74-76, 78-79

Chameleon Terminal Emulator (Antic Software)

Ghost Hunter (Arcade Plus)

Lister Plus v1.5 (Antic Software)

Megalegs (Megasoft)

Picture Plus v3.1 (Antic Software)

Printer Driver Construction Set (Antic Software)

Spell Magic rev5 (Antic Software)

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Torrent app on Asus router? Sounds interesting... Is there a web page somewhere that shows how it works, etc?


I've a Asus RT-AC68U router dat has a dual core-cpu, 256MB ram and an USB-3 port. It cost a little more than a regular router but it has enough power to act as Media and File server by attaching a USB external disk to it. And it is very easy to install the ASUS download master on it so it can download using Bit Torrent, NZB and aMule protocols without the need for a PC.


Here a YouTube movie showing how it works:





And here a screenshot of the preservation torrents seeding on my router:







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Thanks man.. I've always wanted to offload some "functions" off of my pc. So I'm always looking for ways to do that.


My current NAS can run torrent software but it is kinda buggy and adding external drives does not seem to work so well.


I've yet to test it but my router does allow connecting and sharing of a usb drive, but that is it.

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We have some new updates...


Cassette dumps from djmat56:


Blue Max (US Gold)

Blue Max 2001 (US Gold)

Chop Suey (English Software)

Digidrum / Digisynth (2 Bit)

Escape from Doomworld (Red Rat)

Galactic Trader (Prism)

Journey to the Planets (JV Software)

Marathon & Maths for Fun (English Software)

Mediator (English Software)

Nursery Rhymes (Thorn EMI)

Quasimodo (US Gold)

Spell Me (Page 6)


Cassette dumps from fujidude:


Giant Slalom (Artworx)

Kingdom (Atari)

Pharaoh's Curse (Synapse)

Silicon (Romik)

States & Capitals (Atari)

Zaxxon (Datasoft)

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