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Pie Factory Podcast is back with episode 144! Today we discuss the ins and outs of opposing prepositions, while our listeners enjoy complex sentences and the deep meanings of racing with superheroes. Enjoy, dear friends, for this will likely be the last ever episode of January 2024.



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I hope you're feeling better, PM!


And that your various extremity injuries have healed, PFP castmasters!


Now all of you sit perfectly still and just play video games all the time so nothing else happens!


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Episode 145 is here!

Yeah, yeah, we know. "NEW EPISODE SO SOON?!?" Due to the logistical nightmare we all call life, our originally scheduled topic had to be postponed, so instead, after realizing we haven't done an off-topic episode in a while, maybe we should change our pace for a bit, and here we are.

Thank you all for hanging in there with us!


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