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Turbo Outrun sadness


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Well, it was to be a red-letter date for me... The day I became an arcade collector.


Drove out to Knoxville TN to buy this baby... (120 miles away)





Paid for it, got in my car, headed back home....


This happened to my van:





And this happened to my Turbo OutRun:






My van was totaled.... so was my cabinet.... and my hopes and dreams.





All that is left is the marquee and the PCB with chipset. I am keeping the marquee.


Few pix of the chipset and PCB... I am hoping someone wants this.












For the sake of full disclosure, there is a small break on one corner of the PCB.




Looks like a couple small traces are buggered up.



Anyway, if anyone's interested (I have no idea if it's worth anything) please message me here or via PM.



I think my arcade collecting days are over.... I'll stick with VCS carts and TI-99/4A gear I think....

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Thank you for your sympathies guys. I have a pretty jacked up back, but I went back to work missing only a day and my boss is helping me out with some of the heavy lifting.


Keatah, I appreciate the offer! I doubt I will be needing the board, so I will likely sell or donate it "as-is" for the chipset. I really appreciate the thought there. :)


The blonde jumped in the other guy's Porsche and drove off.


It was a sad day... My son (6) not understanding the gravity of the situation was heartbroken over the game... His mom talked to him before I got home and when I arrived, he wiped his OutRun tears away and said he was glad I was okay.


I told him I understood his sadness and that I was equally sad.


Bad day.


It's been a bad couple weeks... But, as ferguson said, it will get better. It always does. :)

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Wow, that is an awful story! You may have more usable parts left than you realize. Power supply, ISO transfomer, controles..etc. Maybe you could take your story over to KLOV and see if someone near you could help out. You'd be amazed at how many people have cabs laying around and finding someone to donate a monitor is often pretty easy. If I were near I sure as heck would! I'd hate to see you give up on arcades just because of this. You'd be surprised at all the familiar faces at KLOV. I find a member from here over there or vice versa all the time.

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Thanks. :) I forgot to hit the Turbo button when the crash was imminent...


The cab, monitor, electronics, everything are shattered... I mean thousands of pieces. It is not even recognizable as an arcade cabinet now.


Somehow the marquee and board came out in good shape... No idea how.


If I ever buy another game cabinet, I'll have it delivered and it will likely be Asteroids or Missile Command... Something like that. Driving games have somehow lost their appeal. ;)

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That sucks!!! Hey don't give up on your passion all because of an accident. I know you are or were in the heat of the moment from what happened. Just keep doing what you enjoy doing. I am glad you are ok and worse things could happen. Last week some dipshit almost & turning right directly in front of me. I slammed the brakes if I went any faster I would have got into an accident. I rolled the window down and yelled "Are you that f'ng stupid!!!"

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If this incident does dampen your enthusiasm for the hobby. Then the hobby wasn't / isn't as important and cool as you led yourself to believe. There are pilots that crash their planes and get right back to it. The ones that don't have a different psychological makeup, and it's for the better they stay on the ground.

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