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Atari ST Games Ported to the Jaguar


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I don't have the funds to grab any of these carts yet. But I will be taking my Jaguar to the VCF Midwest show, I plan to have Xenon II playing for awhile but was wondering which of the other ST ports I should show via my Skunkboard...


Those of you who have played through these games give me your thoughts.

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Was this an arcade game also or just made for computers back in the day?


Different folks, different backgrounds. I never knew it was ported to anything. :) (It is one of the games on Midway Arcade Treasures 3)


I don't really dig playing wheel-spinners like Off-Road, Super Sprint, or this one with the Jag pad, though. No fault of CJ's...they were just designed for wheel-cranking action.

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I didn't see he was quoting someone else and answering their question. I thought he was asking if one of those was a real arcade game, but I didn't know which. Just cause there's an arcade cabinet that don't mean it's a game that was released oficially.

...but but but... and just because your alias is MathUser ..... the likelihood that someone would have a picture of the 3 arcade cabinets side by side and only one of them not be official is vanishing small, probabilistically speaking, still possible but highly improbable.

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I went and informed Badlands that it may not be real. It refused to answer the speculation and asked me to insert coins. Maybe it is hiding something..

By definition you can't inform someone/something of him/her/it not being real believing that to be true as if it was the truth that would mean you are either unreal too or you are informing no one.


Now for the quote of the day:

"Nothing unreal exists" - Spock

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I just read a article on how a guy made his own arcade cabinet so I knew those existed. And the rest of the guys arcade games were not custom arcade cabinets.



I guess you really hate to be wrong (you're not alone in that):




We already proved they all existed, whatever justification or plausibility you give to yourself for your own statements bears no further weight.

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