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The Official MISSILE DOMINATION thread - IntellivisionRevolution


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Hello Rev,today and 'arrived in Italy the pack with 1 Missile Domination and 1 land battle + 1 catalog Intelligenvision.Thanks are very beautiful.Also look another pack 'cause I bought two copies of each title.RegardsSpadazzi mauro

Two packages were sent at same time. Look for any time. :-)

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Today I received my copy of Missile Domination, and I've played it maybe 25 minutes so far. I think the programmer did a great job. Although the default missile launching scheme is a bit cumbersome (top buttons for center, left and right bottom buttons for left and right missile silos) I really like the option to switch to automatically launch from the nearest silo.

The graphics are a very decent representation of the arcade original. I've read a few comments that the graphics and sound are too derivative of the 2600 version, which I think is actually a complement as the 2600 version of Missile Command is terrific IMHO.


I do have a caveat, though. The voice synthesis sets a good mood for the game, but even with the included card, I can't understand 90% of what's being said. Instead of including so many phrases, I think it would have been preferable to have a few key sentences that are more easily understood.


Overall I think I would rate it a solid 8 or 8.5 out of 10.

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