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New Atari Jaguar Game by Piko Interactive


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I cover the new Jaguar game in my latest video, but here is more info for you guys:


The game would be the first PikoInteractive release for Atari Jaguar and it will retail at 74.99 USD plus shipping. It will include box, manual, game and poster just like the old days. I am told, the price is a bit high to recoup initial investment to support Atari Jaguar, later releases will have a lower MSRP.

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Not quite. Thats a video of an ST Automation crack disk #55 which was created back in the day.


!!AUTOMATION!! (was(not was))



Also, I totally love that Wonderboy III: The Dragons Trap is really Monster World II when played through the back of a Japanese Master System.


(one of my few prized possessions.)

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Is it a straight ST port ala CJ?

Or is it a remake using the same graphics?

Or is it a remake using upgraded graphics and the abilities of the Jaguar?


Or both?


Seems quite light on details so far, but once more is released it could be a winner :)


PS to the person on the video. Great stuff....but I must add: for those in the US: Jag-wah / Jag wahr. For those of us descended from the UK or similar: Jag-u-arr. But never, not ever, Jag-WIRE.

(It's been a peeve of mine for 20+ years ;) )

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Hey look, another madman post that's all gruff and cynical, so surprising. = ) hehe I'm just goofin'

Cynical or factual? Has he been back since his post? Since 90+% of his posts after he drops a link to his job--errr, YouTube channel? When was the last time he posted in here?

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