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Jaguar Rotary Controllers ?


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Yeah, Static is really bad here. I have lost several controllers(at least five).

I was told it was my system shorting out and I ended up shelling out hundreds buying a new Jag system and more controllers.


Thanks to Zerosquare guiding me towards the 74hc244 chip, we now know that chip can be taken out with static shock.

So a 52 cent chip and a metal rotary knob ended up costing me $300-400 easily. I have switched to a plastic knob.


I had to buy over a dozen different plastic knobs to find one that works good. I actually like it better than the metal ones.

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Theses are mine that I've just made out of a pair of NOS controllers I got sent over from the States by a friend.


The spinner mod is a doddle this way. it's a Bourns rotary encoder, specifically this one: PEC11R-4015K-N0024 You can get it from Mouser.


Then it's just a switch, a knob and 4 wires. I highly recommend it.


I'd also like to say, where I've put them is ideal. They don't get in the way at all during normal play. Flick the switch and flip it over and the 3 buttons fall nicely under your fingers on your left hand and the spinner just feels natural this way.


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That would be cool if the rotary was also a push button. They make rotary encoders that can do that, but I have never used one. I wonder if you would push it by mistake if you got excited??


I have just purchased a couple of Bourns encoders which have the pushbutton built in, as they didn't have the ones without at my supplier. They seem pretty stiff, but we'll see once the Rebooteroids start...

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If anyone needs a good plastic(nice and heavy) rotary knob, I can point you towards the one I like the best.

I now am the proud owner of the largest Jaguar Rotary Knob collection in Colorado(maybe the world)!!!!

What's the knob you use? Somewhere I've got a Jag controller w/a busted d-pad that I can mod for this.

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I really like this one. I blacked out the white line and put the Atari chrome logo on the knob:



Here is the rotary encoder I really like:




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