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LS Upcoming Releases 2017

Der Luchs

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Received now the last language translation for YASTUNA 1 :-)

So we're also close to release that one ^^


Now I'll tell what the special item is to complete the final quest to enter Lynx Collectors Heaven:


So, at the moment we're working really hard to get it done. Cross fingers that I'll receive the first Run of Pins soon :-)

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No, I've no clue. The pins were a last minute decision and because of zero pin design experience,
​it needed some time to understand whats possible or not. So now we're done and I said, that I need
​them as soon as possible, but I never had made pins before, so I don't know what's as soon as

​We can only wait, but I think that the result will be worth waiting. :-)

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Those pins are really, really nice. Will you create pins for Alpine Games and other late release games such as Raiden as well?

For all Games that I'm releasing. So for Alpine Games, yes, because it's on my release list, for late Releases absolutly like, no.

​I've no license to release a button with a Trademark like Raiden.


Hello, u was wondering if you could also release Hyperdrome, Hot Dog, and Relief Pitcher.


Thanks you.

Nope, these are Songbird and BPG Releases, not mine and I'm not in contact with both about re-releasing thier games.

​Same for Super Fighter btw.

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