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LS Upcoming Releases 2017

Der Luchs

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At the moment just being Publisher and Distributor is a "full time job" of time I can invest in my hobby.

I don't have the time for coding at the moment, so I think ISEGRIM will be completed in 2018.

But there is so much cool upcoming stuff, that the time will run very fast for all Lynx Fans :-)

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Alpine Games desserves a curved lip cartridge, I will happilly buy another one

It's great that you release both at the same time, it's a pity to give nearly 20% of the price to post fees :(


I would like to do more "double Releases" to save money on shipping costs for everyone, BUT if everyone waits until Release X and I don't have the

​money to produce 2 Releases at the same time, we all need to wait until enough is sold for the next Release and I can only produce one.


​Great Job by Lynxman:


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