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Rambo TV Game A2600B 25000 games


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I bought a 'semi operational' Rambo TV Game (2600 clone) with '25000' games on eBay. The left joystick was not working, so I replaced the diodes attached to the joystick port and it is working fine again.


Here are some pictures.




I was hoping to do a composite mod, but this machine doesn't (seem to) have a TIA. It has 2 big chips (DIP32 4000-0001P-2 & DIP40 3287 9329M 610540) and a small DIP16 logic? chip. Does anyone have one of these machines? and is a video mod possible?




Similar machines in these threads






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I have a couple of clone consoles using the same ICs (but with a different board layout). The DIP40 ic labeled "3287" or "UM3287" is an "Atari On A Chip", which integrates CPU, TIA, RIOT plus extra logic to read the switches and joysticks as part of a "matrix keyboard". This allows a smaller package, but also means that it will only work with standard joysticks. No keyboard controllers, or joysticks/gamepads containing anything else than mechanical switches. Paddle lines are also missing.
The DIP32 ic is the rom containing the games, while I think the little DIP16 is a binary counter used to cycle through the games.
I'm sure it can be modified to have composite output, but you cannot use the instructions for standard 2600 consoles, as the pinout is different and , judging from the number of total pins on the IC, some of the video circuitry must have been integrated into the chip itself, so probably you have just one pin carrying composite video (or two pins for luma/chroma), instead of the separate split signals as in the original TIA.
You'll need to trace the board to find out.

You posted in the wrong forum. This one is for the "Atari 8-Bit" computers.
You should ask a moderator to move this thread in the appropriate one (either the "Hardware" or "Atari 2600" forum).

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