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The Official Nintendo 64 Thread!

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1 hour ago, shane857 said:

Been playing some F-Zero X this evening...Personally for me THE best F-Zero game. The Super Nintendo version a close second 💪🏻

And to think the best of SNES and N64 games came to the GBA and Nintendo because the lousy GP Legend game (and anime saturn morning cartoon) bombed they scrapped it outside of Japan.  Climax has all the high intensity of the N64, the car spin/smash attacks and massive track builder coupled with the look and fun of the original.  You really should try it, not buy it, unless you love being ripped off as it's up there.

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Played Top Gear Overdrive today... Graphics in my opinion are really good. Tough racing game thou starting off.

Only 2 choices of cars, one that handles ok and one that handles like a bathtub on a Bobsleigh coarse! 😂

Something about the game made me keep trying to get better than 7th place to upgrade my car thou. I like it 👍🏻

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13 hours ago, shane857 said:

It's a shame the 64DD Expansion wasn't more of a success.

The track editor was added to F-Zero Climax on GBA.  It allows you to create 30 tracks with lots of features to build.  This site I found by luck has some details about such things, you also get passwords beyond what saves to your own cart to share those tracks with other players to experience.  https://archive.kontek.net/f-mode.planets.gamespy.com/games/fzc/courses.html


Nintendo did it justice, then middle fingered the west.

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I really liked the random track generation cup in F-Zero X and it's a shame it hasn't been implemented in any subsequent releases. Sure, it perhaps didn't generate the most exciting tracks but it was always still different. And every once in a while there would be a track where all the cpus would fall to their deaths on a sharp corner (and you along with them on the first try). But then you would learn to avoid that the second time and, well, the others wouldn't. And you'd cruise yourself to an easy victory.

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My 8BitDo N64 Hall Effect stick arrived and by golly I actually had time to install and test it!  I compared it to one of my "decent" N64 controllers with the original stick and, since it 8BitDo stick uses the Gamecube style stick, compared it to a controller with a GC style stick I purchased from The G.O.A.T. Store (and I have no idea what brand/company made the stick).  The games I tried were "Super Mario 64" (as this is mah game bruh, as the kids say) and "F-Zero X".


The level of resistance (or perhaps one might say "tension") of the stick feels a lot like a Nintendo-made Gamecube stick.  I pulled my OEM GC controller from storage as I was writing this to compare the tension between the two sticks.  When I played "Super Mario 64" with the 8BitDo stick, I started to move Mario very gradually-from a tip-toe to a full-on sprint.  The level on tension felt right and Mario responded smoothly as his speed progressed.  Running around, doing trick flips and such was very responsive.  It felt pretty dang close to an original stick.  I went to the Bomb-Omb fields and took care of the platform in the sky like I would with a regular OEM stick.


"F-Zero X" is THE game, IMO, to test out sensitivity with sticks.  The original N64 analog stick had such great sensitivity that playing "F-Zero GX" felt like a step back (again, IMO) in the control department.  The tight turns I could accomplish in X with just the stick required the use of the triggers in GX (in my experience, anyway-I liked X better than GX so I didn't put near as much practice time in the latter, so maybe I just couldn't handle the game as well?).  The 8BitDo stick felt awesome in that game.  After not playing X for probably a good solid year (and even then, it was a quicky) I buzzed through Mute City on Normal with ease with this new stick.  I had a similar experience with the OEM stick, though I think I got a little cocky and had a couple racing oops moments.


I haven't bothered mentioning the "GOAT Brand" GC stick as I don't know if all those sticks are alike.  The stick I got doesn't have the same level of tension like the 8BitDo or the OEM GC controller.  While I could play SMB 64 just fine, the gradual speed up test didn't go nearly as smooth.  It feels more "loose".  In "F-Zero X" I didn't perform as well as I did with the first two sticks as I had to train myself to get used to the lack of tension.  I also had a distraction as the wife came home wanting to go on a walk with me but overall, the stick I got from The G.O.A.T. store is sloppy compared to the 8BitDo.  Are other brands of N64 sticks like this?


Overall I'm happy with this new stick.  The box came with everything one needs to replace the stick (stick, screwdriver and instructions).  I'm looking forward to getting into some other games to see how well this stick plays.



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Played Automobili Lamborghini today for the first time. What an underrated racer for the N64, in my opinion.

Controls are great and cars handle well. The multi player mode is where the game shines thou...

Having the ability to have human and A.I opponents at the same time.






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  • 2 weeks later...

Here, I’ll post that I’ve been playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time lately and posting about it on Lemmy as well.


I really got into the groove of playing on an Nintendo 64 recently.


How much progress did I make? Why, I became an adult Link and reclaimed Epona from the rancher Ingo, entered the Forest Temple, and made quite a bit of progress in it.


Saria in particular is a good character and I did my best to avoid the Happy Mask Salesman too.


I won’t spoil anything from here, but in general I think the game is good.


I also made progress on Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie and played F-Zero X a little, even if it meant crashing the Blue Falcon more often than not.


You guys can also check out my Lemmy posts if you want:



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