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Baby Pac-Man


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Hi Guys.


Thank you for the kind words.

I have no plans to use Pokey for the sound on this one. Both the game sounds and pinball sounds are pretty primitive, I don't think there is a need for it.

That being said, I'm not crazy about the dot eating sound that I am currently using, so I'm most likely going to be working on the sound last.

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This game was designed as a quarter eater back in the day (IMHO) - I always wanted to play it more but the cost/benefit wasnt there for me. Getting this on a console would finally allow me to enjoy this title without breaking the bank ;)

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The inclusion of the animated yo-yo and the instructions during the Attract-Mode are just the little touches I love about your releases, Bob.


Of course the "main game" is the most important, but the fact you take the time, care, and consideration towards the 'smaller' things really makes the polish on your ports shine.


Just fantastic work as always!

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Hi Guys:


I am posting a WIP bin for you all to try (please). Please note the following:

  • The 'Remember Energizers' option is non-functional yet.
  • The Pinball portion of the game has not been implemented yet, so the 'Full Game' and 'Pin Only' options will not work correctly.
  • The 'Vid Only' option is the only one to really try.
  • I am not crazy about the dot eating sounds nor the siren... I will work on those last.
  • The monsters don't reverse direction yet in 'Arcade' mode monster AI (they won't in 'Classic' AI at all). Arcade AI is the Baby Pac-Man monster AI, Classic AI is the other Pac-variants' monster AI.
  • I know the game starts immediately... there's no delay as of yet at the start of a level. (there will be of course)
  • In the 'Vid Only' option, you always start the board with energizers, and the fruit advances with each cleared board.


Please note: THERE IS REALLY BAD SLOW DOWN at many points during the game. If anyone is good at condensing/optimizing code and speeding things up, please PM me. I know I am overrunning the CPU time per frame... which is odd becuase I believe the 'Ms. Pac-Man' source code does quite a bit more per frame than I am doing.


Also remember this is a VERY early WIP.


Thanks, guys.



*EDIT* - I made a change to the eyes going back to the pen... Originally, if they approached from the left they were just circling. This was fixed.

Please re-download if you've downloaded before 3:22 PM today.



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LOL, I was just messing with Bob, I didn't even look at ebay. :lol:


I was just joking, I have no idea what Baby Pac-Man cart you guys are looking at. :)




But alas, it does exist. :P

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