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Favorite Atari 8-bit Computer Homebrew Games?


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I also love ALL of the great sites that are mentioned in this thread for download sources. Each has it's unique angle and benefit, and they all enhance the Atari experience.


That said, I do also want mention a great trick you can do on the Homesoft site if you are wanting to quickly load up a flash-based cartridge in a structured way (or to just download a very clean and up to date list of XEX files) in one whack.



You can select the "A-Z" link to get the full list of individual games sorted by name, or just go here... http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=0


...and then hit "Download all" to download every single XEX file.


It will all be in a giant zip file already organized into alphabetical folders. Perfect to just copy directly over to your flash cart of choice.



I already mentioned that in this other thread here too...which has a lot of other good information relevant to this discussion topic as well...




As for favorite Homebrews, I don't know where to start!! In fact, even from this current thread, I've seen new recommendations I wasn't even aware of... yet at the same time MOST of my favorite "go to" homebrews haven't even been mentioned here yet. Which again, is just a testament as to how fortunate we are to have so many talented contributors. And it means I have some "new to me" stuff to go try out too. :)




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Homesoft is an excellent source. You'll find conversions there that you won't find anywhere else; and he's

removed all those "Homesoft" intro screens that he was using before.


And the binary load files are also flawless in terms of internal structure.

I have to update my D2BFC tool to allow checking files larger than 1 MB.

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3 minutes ago, sixersfan105 said:

@Albert I haven't seen any additional A8 titles added to the AA Store after your 2019 dive into the latest and greatest A8 homebrews. Now a year later, this begs the question...why not? ?

I need a good supply of Atari 8-bit cartridge shells before I can really embark on this quest. 



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On 1/31/2020 at 6:17 PM, Albert said:

I need a good supply of Atari 8-bit cartridge shells before I can really embark on this quest. 



Al, are you aware of @Sikor's cart shell project? Assume so, but dropping a note here just in case you missed it. You can purchase carts here. He expects them to be available next week. Exciting!

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1 hour ago, Wrathchild said:

Does Xagon count?

Is D. Pentecost the Harper Lee of the Atari world and thought "Well I'm not going to better that!" :D 

That was probably my single favourite BBS score from BITD.  Played the hell out of that game.  Now I think of it, that's the game that made me think the 130XE was so much more advanced than my 48kB 400, because the new OS could do Graphics 15 from BASIC.  No more blockiness of Graphics 7, we now had the power.  LOL.

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I've not seen mention of Megablast.  It's a two player duel.  The game was released in 1992 as a 128k loader it will load on a 64k machine too.  The extra 64k is for sampled music on a 130XE, which can be disabled at load time for just 64k (which I prefer).  I think someone put out a 64k loader of the game also.



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1 hour ago, Mclaneinc said:

Just tried Mr Robot 3 from Fandal, it asks if you want game GRA or intro, a gets you the games, no codes here?

Did you use the keyboard or the joysticks to move. I will try again. 


All I needed to do is press A or B.

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