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GoSub (WIP)

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So I got out my 7800 a few days ago, and I've been at this all night trying to make this. Five hours I've been working on this, and I have a title screen done. So here is the first attempt for a title screen for GoSub for the Atari 7800. It's using Atari 7800 BASIC (Like I could do something like this for an advanced machine in assembly.)




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begging for help time again.

Say I have this in the last bank:


    if levelnumber=1 then memcpy whichmap screen1map 400 : treasurex=128 : treasurey=30 : xpos=24 : ypos=116 : keyy=200 : keygot{0}=1
    if levelnumber=2 then memcpy whichmap screen2map 400 : treasurex=24 : treasurey=45 : xpos=24 : ypos=126 : keyx=134 : keyy=78 : keygot{0}=0
    if levelnumber=3 then memcpy whichmap screen3map 400 : treasurex=44 : treasurey=35 : xpos=20 : ypos=126 : keyx=60 : keyy=100 : keygot{0}=0
    if levelnumber=4 then memcpy whichmap screen4map 400 : treasurex=77 : treasurey=77 : xpos=20 : ypos=126 : keyy=200 : keygot{0}=1   
    plotmap whichmap 1 0 0 20 20


And screen1-4maps are in bank 2. How would I get the program to identify the bank and then display it?

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The game isn't crashing - I can see it run in the MAME debugger, and if you hit the pause button it turns the screen grey as expected.


The reason your graphics are "blanked" is because you've imported your graphics into bank 3, but your main game loop with drawscreen is running out of bank 2.


You either need to keep your graphics in the same bank as that drawscreen loop, or you need to import the graphics into bank 8 where they can be permanently seen from any bank.

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