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GoSub (WIP)

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..everything that's been touched up, is on the right (plus a new jellyfish),

the sub was looking too dark so I lighten it up a bit:



torpedo3.gif.0847645ac211bd90339fdeadaa08aaad.gif  torpedo4.gif.a5605b70aa243879c2ddf99c7da2e37c.gif


sub4.gif.f6bcb6e1a30ab3f199a954000b045cc4.gif  sub5.gif.b2323f618f2664802f1b4a04b7708345.gif


key.gif.4cfb280c67827a214bc39c17b4c701e3.gif  key1.gif.e9f1fd3acabb3b42fd98ef90004cc17a.gif


treasure3.gif.e00abce2b11fd84651e06334ad189878.gif  treasure5.gif.c8292b1b6dfb6316b1d217a7b8c4213d.gif


shark1.gif.05af48ba3c75bd3e5163005cae23619a.gif  shark3.gif.3e2657f55e0f6b0ab8afb287bf84c62d.gif




crab2.gif.2ab005975f9aaff37d9d0ee68f6142a0.gif  crab3.gif.21ca1910648883ae6af0ed59789d4649.gif




jelly1.gif.f42e0eca4c5272e9026cbb217781c9bd.gif  jelly4.gif.a72bf20ef4a7c5babe4432500776f82c.gif







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59 minutes ago, atari2600land said:

It took me all night, but I finally added in the three sprites. The text kept being weird and didn't want to cooperate.

Looks great !


you seem to have miss a couple of pixels here and there, so here are the full sheets,

for some strange reason, when I save in png, it doesn't retain the wide pixels.. I'm sure it's an easy fix for you.

Feel free to use any of them ;)







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7 hours ago, atari2600land said:

Added level 20. In the finished game, level 21 is where the shark will start appearing. I still plan to have 30 levels and an ending. I also made a couple of small changes. See if you can spot them.


I take you aren't gonna use the octopus (two eyes version)  and the improved sub ?

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21 minutes ago, atari2600land said:

The octopus looks rather strange when he has one eye in a frame. And the only difference between the subs is a couple of pixels of added black.

maybe the change is subtle, but the sub has changed since the beginning,

old-sub.gif.17e888fd9aa6e6954dca10f56a14c6d5.gif  sub5.gif.b2323f618f2664802f1b4a04b7708345.gif



I find the octopus more cartoony that way, but it's your game.. here is a two eyes species !

octapus12.gif.eb4d4a464f46563581236838062bb83e.gif  octapus13.gif.fc8a17132d0f68ae4c9023f71e1f85c7.gif


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6 hours ago, atari2600land said:

I put the changed sub and octopus in the game. Changed the boss octopus to bigger sprites the same as the smaller one.

I agree, his sprites are very nice.


Thanks man, it looks great !!


Oh, you missed the fin on the sub's tower, also there seems to be some pixels missing from the shark (open jaws frame).


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Not sure where you're running into trouble. The blue became the background by default with the graphic I grabbed from your post. I was expecting I might have to play around with the color indexes in the incgraphic comand, but nope. The relevant commands...


    incgraphic octopusboss1a.png


    plotsprite octopusboss1a 3 40 90


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