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A heroic weekend experiment


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About the audio, from the youtube videos I have heard the following sfx

1) elicopter: the sound repeats until the player is in fly

2) laser: the sound repeats until the laser is active

3) explosion: the sound fades in time

4) power bar at start level: the sound rises in tone with while the power bar is replenished

5) power bar at end level: the sound repeats while the power bar is emptied 

6) player death: the sound fades in time 

7) enemy death: (?) not sure if there is any in the 2600 version (usually covered by the laser sound), but here it should be added

8 ) game over: (?) it could be added, the atari version as nothing


Anything  else ?


Do you need some code and data on this ?

I have libraries and plenty of sfx out of the box in case ...


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