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A heroic weekend experiment


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7 hours ago, Kai_Magazine said:

That santa is very cool!

You can use 8x16 sprites instead of 8x8 sprites, that way you can mix colors. You just need to free 3 tiles out of the 64 for that pruppose.


Indeed. I’ve been stacking sprites because  there hasn’t been a lot of need for overlapping colors so far. 

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Folks, there's something that I wanted to share here in the interest of full disclosure.


Rev has kindly offered to present H.E.L.I. at his PRGE booth next week. Folks will be able to test it and present feedback.


I'm hoping that this will generate enough interest for... who knows?... maybe a cartridge release?

At least Rev says he could make it happen, being the powerful guy that he is.


Me? I'm just an amateur weekend programmer having fun. Never dreamed of having a cartridge released.

SO, to those that have been contributing with ideas, assets, etc, I want to be transparent.


Now, if the cartridge release would go ahead, I'm not setting the price, and I'm not getting a single cent.

I asked Rev to donate anything he would normally pay me to charity.

More specifically, to the United States Mine Rescue Association, who helps ensure that real folks stuck in real mines get the help they need by real HEROES.


Anyway, TIX is already aware and I know he's cool about using his work on a possible release.


I just didn't want anyone else contributing to feel like they've been taken advantage of.

I would do my best to acknowledge folks for their contributions, but I'm not making money and I can't provide any financial compensation.


So, that's it.

Let me hear from you.




Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/usminerescue/

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