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5 hours ago, IntyFanMatt said:

Dave, in the final version, will the game have an option to be "beatable" or is this a "play until you die" type of game?  Couldn't find what the final decision was in this thread...


Everyone wanted an ending to the game so.... every level has an ending. I am currently debating how many cyclons need to be destroyed for the hardest level. I currently have it set to 99 meaning you have to destroy about 130-140 cyclons to win the game. I need to play test a bit more. I have considered making it about 200 needed to be destroyed for the hardest level.


What do you all think? Current settings are 25, 50, 75, and 99. I am thinking of making them 30, 60, 90, 150.


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16 minutes ago, JasonlikesINTV said:

I really enjoyed the reimagined series.  I tried watching the original, but couldn't get into it.  Maybe someday.

There are some clunky episodes and some really good ones.   Gun on Ice Planet Zero, the Hand of God, Living Legend and the first 2/3rds of the pilot.  

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I think my problem was that I watched the Reimagined series first, then tried to watch the original, which I had no real nostalgia for.  If I had watched the original back in the day I'm guessing I would have really enjoyed it.


The original Star Trek was also almost to cheesy for me.  My dad really enjoyed it, but it was a little before my time.  TNG, on the other hand, I loved.  I continued watching Voyager, but never watched DS9 (though I plan to).  Never watched Enterprise, but I love Discovery.  Reboot movies were ok, but not great.

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If you don't like the Original Star Trek...  I can only advise you to watch a few episode to get to know the characters.


Then watch these episodes:  Tomorrow is Yesterday, Space Seed, City on the Edge of Forever.  I can add 5 or 6 more that are very good.

For the Movies, skip the first one...  See 2,3,4 and 6.   5 if you need to kill a few more pandemic hours....


I was a late convert to the Next Generation.  I watched the pilot episode and then didn't watch for like 3 years.

It is now my favorite trek series.  Though I watch them all.  I must say, I only liked a handful of DS9 episode though.


Tried hard to get into the reboot of BSG.  But just couldn't...  Also tried with Star Gate stuff, but I just didn't get into it.  Liked the Movie a lot.


Like the reboot of Lost in Space.  Need season 3....  Now!  LOL


I kind of hated the second reboot trek movie.  JJ is not a finisher.  The movie started good, but the last 3rd of the movie was the Wrath of Khan, character swapped almost verbatim.

IF the Wrath of Khan was not my favorite Trek movie..... I may have liked it better?


Beyond Cumberbatch....Alice Eve is worth a look!  LOL


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2 hours ago, Steve Jones said:

I’m on Jason’s side, I find the original a bit cheesy, but no more so than the original Star Trek. Just a product of the time and available technology.


The remake was a bit more serious, and let’s face it, sexy.

Canadian girls make damn sexy homicidal robots.

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