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CollectorVision Club 2020


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27 minutes ago, NIAD said:

Yeah, a count down thread would be cool. I missed the first run cutoff by a couple hours!!!!

A couple of weeks ago (possibly in the Classic gaming discord instead of here - don't recall), Brian said they were about 100-150 away from making a second batch viable. Of course I have no idea how many more pre orders came in since then. 


But I agree, an updated counter (if even only updated once a week or even every other week as long as it is updated regularly) either here in the Phoenix thread or on the Phoenix order page would be welcome, and hopefully slow down/eliminate the posts about it. 

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18 hours ago, Indcsion said:

I ordered a adam Phoenix, I hope it wont take too long. I wish we knew how many they needed to sell.

I read this 3 times before i realized it didn't say "I ordered a damn Phoenix,"   


It's a great system. Hope they have a nother run for sure.

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Was pretty tempting for me to join, but I didn't order my Phoenix in time for the first batch. I'm therefore without a console at the moment (I don't own an original CV).


It makes more sense for me to join next year, assuming the second Phoenix  batch gets made and shipped within 2020.


Got a good deal on an NTT Data Famicom controller meantime, which is in the mail... So obviously I'm remaining hopeful. 

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9 minutes ago, 1980gamer said:

Did I miss an email or something?

It is pretty quiet around here.  My Phoenix is Burning!

Nothing yet for me. Been playing Atari 5200 Vanguard to compare to Colecovision Vangaurd. Also cannot wait for the 2020 super secret game to ship! 


I think it's about time to let the...umm...cat..out of the bag about the 2019 super secret game. Everyone MUST have gotten it by now! I still have a legal side story to espouse about it.

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57 minutes ago, retroillucid said:

Err..... no?
Not revealing the game is part of the Club 


Here's an idea: A club members only forum to discuss the game. This would be great to discuss high scores and other related fun stuff. Just an idea and the respect for secrecy is understandable.

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I'm enjoying reading this, even tho I'm not yet a member. Looking forward to same time next year when I can cozy up to a warm Phoenix.


(Got my NTT Data controller in the mail day before yesterday. This thing is rad. Can't wait to use it. If anyone needs me, I'll be pining away for the next 12 months.)

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