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CollectorVision Club 2020


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3 hours ago, coleco_master said:

Hi Guys,


Its done! we piked a winner for the Phoenix Console.

You'll be able to hear it from the Mp3 File below.


And the Winner is...... Member #113  Grant Frost


Thank you


Winner Phonix 2020.mp3 826.63 kB · 15 downloads

Congratulations Grant. Sorry to hear they piked you though. Did you try to take two?

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2 hours ago, youki said:

#113  on 100 members?   ?



What the hell are you saying!?
Where did you saw the 2020 Club was limited to 100?

Last year it was limited to 100, but since alot of people missed the opportunity to get into the club, for 2020 we didn't limit the number of members but we did limit the time window frame to get into the club


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My post was just a joke. 


But as you ask  , in fact you said it in that thread , when H.E.R.O  asked you.

On 12/28/2019 at 5:40 PM, H.E.R.O. said:

So what's the status? There's a severe lack of posting in this thread (unless 2020 people posting in the 2k19 thread). Are we waiting for 100 members to buy in? Is it limited to 100 this time?

You have answered :

On 12/28/2019 at 9:00 PM, retroillucid said:

That's right
The registration will stay open till around January 12th 

So far, we're just a bit under 100 people in the 2020 Club


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