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22 hours ago, GoldLeader said:



And it works on my Harmony cart!!

Can also confirm that they work with the UnoCart. 

@Omegamatrix Thank you! These are awesome and a good choice to start out with.  Can’t wait for Asteroids!


Btw, that Breakout menu looks beautiful on my CRT.?

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21 hours ago, Omegamatrix said:

only do one toggle on items that only have two choices.


Yes that sounds like it would work better.


The great thing about these menus is that they make the games much more accessible, without modifying the actual gameplay.  It's already led me to try out a bunch of variations I don't think I've ever played before :)


Would love to see the same treatment given to Combat and Asteroids some day!

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This is INCREDIBLE!!!! 


And I'm excited you are doing Asteroids next.


I like to play one specific version of Asteroids, and that is the "Flip" version, where you do a 180 with the backwards pull on the joystick. 


The only problem? I can NEVER remember the number without referencing the manual.

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I think this is an excellent idea - especially for those games that have a large number of variations. Video Olympics and Space Invaders in particular benefit from it greatly.  You should do Asteroids next - it has 66 variations.


Maze Craze would be another good one to tackle.


Love the Super Breakout one - it's one of the best games ever in my book and deserves this treatment even though the number of variations is small. :)


I'll be loading these onto my Harmony cart.....any chance of PAL60 versions?????

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