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The review of A-Z of Atari ST Games Volume 3 book RetroLaird is trying to delete!

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Yep, I saw it, because I’m not a total fucking idiot. Not only are you thick as absolute dogshit in being completely unable to read Hawken, any tears shed by your family are entirely YOUR FAULT AND YOUR FAULT ALONE. Nowhere in that passage do I insult anyone but you, and I do nothing but tell the truth. Every single person who went no longer wants anything to do with YOU, YOU AND YOU ALONE. One is a man you targeted out of sheer jealousy for publishing accomplishments you could never hope to reach and have systematically tried to ruin, one is a guy you held as a friend and then called him every name under the sun and blocked purely because he was sickened by your actions and decided he couldn’t stand by and let you say them any more, 2 of the guys there are completely impartial and yet you’ve made yourself an object of ridicule with your every action, and finally there is me, and I represent someone who has single handedly pulled of everything in eventing and social scene construction that you have failed at as proven in one instance already documented, in your despicable treatment of former friends and committed hobbyists for an event you are now completely banned from, and represents everything socially your entire adult life you’ve failed to be. You cannot deflect blame and you cannot deflect the hate directed at you to draw people to your cause anymore, it simply isn’t going to work.... and neither will your attempts to sully my name or that of Revival out of my sight line as you have been doing for 4 years now.


You were advised not to push and so far I’ve unloaded a ton of evidence that proves your lies and history manipulation you use to defame our events and your delusion of your position in it. There’s plenty more on the event front but now it’s time I unloaded the personal messages that show EXACTLY the person you are and the web of bullshit you have been weaving out of sheer hatred for all that is positive in this hobby and prompted the very first video that started this ball in motion, you vile and worthless human being.


I’m no longer protecting names and no longer protecting interests. Starting immediately, I will be dumping conversation threads that show the absolute detritus you are, and why no one should ever have any personal interaction with you.


Lets begin shall we....

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To be fair, Craig has shown a lot of restraint up to this point. I've heard things said about him that I am pretty confident originate from the boy himself and Craig is completely justified in anything that comes next. 

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In this hopefully short intermission can I take a moment to show this.


Meanwhile, over on the spectrumcomputing forum...

He will never live it down, the boy.


Re: The best Speccy game by CDS Microsystems: vote

Post by PeteProdge » Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:14 pm

toot_toot wrote: 
Sat Feb 15, 2020 9:45 am
Where can I find Steve Davis 128k? It’s definitely my favourite game by CDS as my friends and I used to setup our own little tournaments using a pen and paper, then playing the actual game! But I’d love to see what enhancements are in the 128k “hack”!
Ooooh, boy. Out of all the weeks where the mythical Steve Davis Snooker 128K could be brought up again, it happens when the fantasist behind it, is the major target of (very justifiable) anger.

Steve Davis Snooker 128K does not exist. It has never existed. It was the invention of 'Mr Kizza' aka Kieren Hawken, probably better known as the 'Laird' of Laird's Lair. Years ago, he wrote on the AtariAge forum that he wrote this game for the ZX Spectrum, along with some budget titles. Some huge huge stuff has kicked off this week about him. I know this forum likes to avoid drama, so all I can say, is take a look elsewhere for what Kieren has been up to!
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So let’s start with the biggest of your bullshit that affects me directly. In the wake of Horacegate and all of Hawking’s foibles finally starting to surface in a big way, everyone began to talk. As had been seen in Facebook posts of my own and that of Chris Wilkins, we had long suspected that a silent campaign of hate had been started against us by someone, and whispers of the wotsit randomly posting shit publicly online about us as individuals, Revival and Fusion Books interchangeably in order to dirty everything associated with us. This was bad enough and will be the subject of another post, but we only found recently after the first exposing video just how bad it had got, when people we wouldn’t normally hear from finally started talking to us. 


Since 2017, at a time when Chris had begun building dialogue with some prominent youtubers to cover books of his to help with their videos and the possibility of them writing for Chris, and at a time we at Revival had begun plans to do a new web show with Dave Perry, a bunch of youtubers got together and decided they were to start their own web show which became Digitiser. There was no friction because of this initially and so life went on, however....


During late 2017 and throughout 2018 Chris and I began to receive regular reports of Kearin shit-talking about us at gatherings, posting random irrelevant comments on other people’s posts and sending private digs to people we know. Me and Chris have always been in regular contact and so we spoke about it regularly as every month there was usually a handful of incidents. What became clear though is that both of us in our separate endeavours were finding it becoming increasingly difficult because of unknown reasons. On the event front we began to see declines in sales, we saw some questionable comments towards us we had never had before, we had exhibitors suddenly do complete 180’s in enthusiasm who stopped attending despite exhibiting elsewhere, and we were having invited guests go cold after promising contact. With the web series thing, we saw a lot of hostility aimed at us and directed at Dave himself despite a lot of early support and talk of collaboration, and eventually some very direct insults came our way and towards Dave from members of the Digitiser project, which derailed our efforts and turned him off the idea somewhat. At the same time, Chris was paving good way with his new magazine and having continued success with his larger books. After giving his books to some of the youtubers involved in Digitiser and talking about having them take part in small events and writing for the new magazine and annuals, several of them also went completely cold and pretty much broke off all contact with him, at the same time that Hawking was ripping off the magazine pdf’s and uploading them for public share, and making scathing attack videos showing every page of publications (incidentally, much of the audio from these videos is what was sampled to make the video reviewing Keyring’s own book that started this whole exposing episode). I knew something was amiss when towards Xmas 2018 I was alerted to a video by Sarah that she made following visiting Revival 2018 (a positive one may I add), where she had added a remark and there were some subsequent replies afterwards, where she said “After learning what the organisers think of me, I won’t recommend it or ever be back”. The responses were of course extremely negative and on digging around and speaking to some people who used to be friendly to us, I found out that the comments had been shared about and there was some boycotting of us going on as a result. No one would talk about what was said and I attempted to contact Sarah directly on Twitter to ask what it was all about. She tried to be avoiding and magnanimous and would only say she had “been told I had been publicly posting horrible things about her” and refused to tell me what, even though I explained how damaging it was and offered to do something about it if one of our team had spoken out of place publicly. She broke off contact but removed the comment after a few messages back and forth.


As it transpired once we all finally began talking once the wotsit car crash began, it turns out that at the same time this all began, that was the same time that the mole rat began creeping round all of those youtubers and sliming his way into their good graces by offering to write for their videos. It was a slow process and in order to build false credibility with them, he took advantage of an old ‘us vs them’ situation between us and Replay Events to bad mouth Revival, Chris and myself to be welcomed back into their good graces and by proxy (as these youtubers and Digitiser were getting support and funding from Replay), decided to start telling Sarah, Kim Justice and others in their circle who would listen that Chris, myself, members of the Revival team and acquaintances of ours had been publicly spouting overtly sexist comments, derogatory discrimination against transgender people, had mentioned and targeted Sarah and Kim Justice by name and following it up with his sob stories of how we supposedly wronged him to cement his association. As has now been revealed, at this time YouTube videos of theirs, Digitiser, several rising female youtubers and their respective Twitter accounts were also receiving trolling and disgusting hate mail, personal messages and spam posting from a series of trolling twitter accounts. Keyran then repeatedly told them he knew undisputedly who they belonged to - and interchangeably told them they belonged to Me, Chris and people from Revival.


As we now know, several of these accounts were sockpuppets belonged to the wotsit himself, and had been created to gain leverage whilst simultaneously harming us. Some of these sockpuppets and a whole bunch of new ones were then used to increase the abuse and bolster support for himself when it all started to go wrong during Horacegate, so I don’t need to share those posts again and bring up some old scars and quite horrid things. Some earlier posts in this thread mention and share some of them already, done you can still find by asking the people who were targeted during that period and many also got deleted in typical style.


What I can do though is show you what kind of sexist, discriminatory and scheming piece of shit he is. Going back just a page or two you’ll see tweets and forum posts from him and his known sockpuppets calling women cunts and attention seekers, ridiculing disabled people, using questionable terms frequently and very personally attacking others in screencaps that others have shared. One of the biggest things he accused me and Chris of, and was the most damaging to our endeavours for the last few years, was of talking about people, publicly slagging specific individuals off and posting sexist and offensive remarks in our own names, and although we had no reason to do so or knowledge of most of these people, that we had taken the time to create these sockpuppets to continue the abuse. Well we already know he is behind the sockpuppets that were doing it, he could produce no evidence that we were saying horrible things (only that Chris said he wasn’t a fan of something they did, and I had said a few times I thought Digitiser was shit, which I own and stand by my opinion, only saying that in one place publicly and in a brief private conversation between some of our team who had seen it, later confirming that publicly to Sarah and the others and certainly not responsible for the hateful attacks they apparently got on their episode 3 - none of us even watched anything but the first one!), but kept repeating to others and privately to them that we were, and making no distinction between Chris, me or Revival, in order to bring us all into disrepute. Sarah now confirms this was the source of her post on her video that was so damaging, why none of the youtubers would work with Chris, and why we were all marginalised further by them and those they influenced since they first met him. 


Well, in true style, all of his hatred and accusations turn out to be 100% deflections of responsibility for everything he is guilty of himself. The sockpuppets are mostly him or his mouthpiece associates, the screencaps shared here so far show his disgusting attitude to women and the disabled, and now folks, here is the proof from 3 different sources that show him throwing his accusations around, and the moment the fucking clown massively disrespected Sarah at exactly the same time he was trying to be her friend and pretend to be ‘on her side’ during the Horacegate incident.


Explain your way out of all this, you worthless piece of shit. This is what proper evidence looks like. How do you think your ‘wife will cry about personal things’ WHEN YOU SWEAR ON YOUR KIDS LIVES ABOUT THE BLATANT LIES WE’VE OROVED YOU’VE BEEN TELLING? “Anyone will tell you what an honest and upstanding individual I am”, my arse. Swearing on your kids lives? You should go to hell for that, and how dare you have the gall to pretend I attacked your family in your cowardly tweets I’m blocked from. 


Want more folks? We’ve got the two other events he buried, his shilling for an event he formerly publicly berated, the private messages between the Revival crew where he upset everyone, and the final incident and conversation where he was hold to fuck off away from Revival and never darken our door again...






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6 hours ago, Welshworrier said:

Apparently this post made his wife cry and you've lost the moral high ground as a result of bringing his family into it. 


Well that's his view according to twitter. 




I cannot see where you've brought his family into it (except mentioning his brother was there) - this would suggest Kieren's reading and comprehension skills are on a par with his writing.

Alternatively he could be just trying to change the narrative again like he did 3 years ago on js3 when he was caught out. 





You claim that your son didn't know the word CUNT until last week.
Perhaps he should have read your message to Sarah. (Octavius Kitten for the uninitiated)

Also it's more than a smidge hypocritical, which is no surprise when coming from you, to take offense at your wife being upset, but you feel it fair game to constantly attack other woman on the net who are openly fragile. They even post about their delicate conditions, yet this means nothing to you as you continue to harangue and distress them further.
But most importantly, the "fact" that your family are concerned and perturbed, learning salty epithets for the first time (sic), when this is coming from the King of calumny, the Fakir of fabrication it just sounds like more of your inconsequential tommyrot.
And even if it weren't, you feel it right and proper to deal out your spurious nonsense far and wide to countless targets across a decade and a half, yet somehow this is losing the "moral high ground".
You couldn't reach the moral high ground if you stood on a box.

You have sunk so low that few words, if any truly encapsulate your loathsome actions, their effects nor how the community truly feels about you and your twisted agenda.
"Moral High Ground" indeed.


Sarah cnt.png

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11 minutes ago, RetroPrincess said:

Eurgh I’m so ashamed I was so taken in. I know I’ve said I’m sorry already but I’m so cross with myself for being so stupid ?

You didn’t even know us and he is an expert at identifying and manipulating targets who easily sympathise. Any harm done to anyone in issues surrounding him is largely past and inconsequential compared to the compounded destruction of this pathetic individual - it’s all about the bigger picture and thankfully because people like Chris and I worked our bollocks off to combat whatever was slowing us down, 2019 turned out to be one of the most successful years for each of us in spite of the widespread damage he caused. You won’t be the first and sure won’t be the last to be taken advantage of, but at least now there is an opportunity to shut down any further damage caused by this pain in the arse of the retrogaming hobby.

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53 minutes ago, Landstalker said:

Where does it mention Kieren Hawken?
It doesn't.

No, It is a good distinction you make because...


As it features all his sockpuppet accounts, you could make a good case (see what I did there) for the prosecution that by acknowledging that was indeed a cartoon depiction of him, has in-fact by nature of implication admitted they are/were all his accounts. 



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9 minutes ago, Landstalker said:

Quelle Surprise!

Atarifan @retrogamerssuck, who as we know has NO affiliation with KH, has magically disappeared.

Was just about to say this, predictable as it is that the obvious sockpuppets will go into a shit fit as people look at his post from yesterday and tear it apart, as well as trawl back or use the search to see if this is one of the ones we know he owns and did indeed attack the people I’ve just mentioned. It’ll go back up the minute an edit-fest has been performed or he realises it’s been pointed out here that it’s down.


Pathetic. There’s a big difference between being invisible, being transparent and being able to see right fucking through you. You delude yourself you’re the first, have no idea what it’s like to be the second, and in reality you are the Richard the Third.




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49 minutes ago, RetroPrincess said:

Eurgh I’m so ashamed I was so taken in. I know I’ve said I’m sorry already but I’m so cross with myself for being so stupid ?

I don't know you, but as I said in a PM here that you may not have read, You have no reason to feel ashamed. You were scammed by a scumbag who took us all for a ride for a long time and the positive thing is, your experience with him (which I for one only came to know of after-the-fact) and its fallout has exposed the absolute depths to which he will sink. I knew he was a prick before but no-one here blames you, because you were a victim of all this. I don't speak for anyone but me, but on this occasion I think I can.

I hope you can move forward. Also, in my message I said that you shouldn't feel awkward about your early videos where you wore cat ears and were a little coquettish. So what ? It was a bit of fun. If I had a nice face and loved retro I might do it myself ? No-One on youtube acts like they do in videos in real life and everyone projects a persona of some sort anyway and if you've moved on from that cool.


But don't let some parasite live in your head. Oh and please don't be conflicted about this, he isn't a nice person, he either gets help or not but it won't undo all the callous things he has done.


I only found your youtube and your work though all this. I had never heard of you before, but that doesn't stop me from caring and hoping you're doing better now.

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you are contraction
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17 minutes ago, RetroPrincess said:

Wrong lady lol - cat ears = Sarah/Octavius. Pink hair = me...definitely not a talented content creator but we are very good friends lol 

Ah yeah, sorry.

I will now go away and die. 

Well yes, I remember that you did the cuddly toys didn't you, and PA and KH did all their gentlemanly stuff. You supported your friend, through her horrible situation. That's lovely.


Well I remember that I PM'd you as well and you have nothing to be ashamed of either.

I won't edit my post, I appreciate I've just made a huge faux pas but NEITHER OF YOU or any others who he has been very nasty about need feel guilt about any of this. Of course people react badly sometimes. Sometimes you are angry.


Ps my heart's in the right place. I hadn't heard of some of the people involved Octav1us Kitten, Retro Princess, George Cropper before.


I happily hold my hands up that I wasn't involved, but it doesn't stop me from caring for you, your good friend or anyone affected by Kieren. 

I also spent a lot of time reading through everything that did happen if anyone is wondering; I do get names confused, I am dyslexic. I remember thinking Simon was Scottish at an event where he and others were signing the Ocean books. I had madly confused him with Bill Harbison. 

source (1).gif

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Faux Pas not Par.
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What did I just say about not being invisible? I’ve had posts from everywhere telling me about your posts. You can try to share that shit wherever you want to hide, but you’ve got sod all followers anywhere that believe you or want to listen and I can see you everywhere little boy.


Shout it as loud as you want, what you’re saying doesn’t even match with what’s written. Just because you say it doesn’t make it reality. 


I could dunk a budgie in my tea, that don’t make it a fucking biscuit, dumbass.



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5 minutes ago, RetroPrincess said:

It’s ok! I’m awful with names and faces please don’t worry. ?

Actually, have you been to retro events here in the UK?


Not many women go and I remember a girl with bright pink hair (and I want to say glasses) milling about at at least one of them! 

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Just now, ∞ Vince ∞ said:

Actually, have you been to retro events here in the UK?


Not many women go and I remember a girl with bright pink hair (and I want to say glasses) milling about at at least one of them! 

Yes I’ve done Play London, Blackpool and Margate ? and yes, glasses too! Sometimes noise cancelling headphones as well!

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I've got to say, all this talk about giving Kieren a platform to "clear his name" is playing into his hands and will only benefit him.


He won't do an interview with Simon Butler, because he knows he'll be pressed to give actual answers to questions and not be allowed to just give the stock answers of "I don't know", "It must be someone impersonating me", "I was hacked", "It was just X, Y, Z on Atariage stirring things up".


Lets be honest, the only person he will be interviewed with, is someone he thinks he can steer the conversation to by sympathetic to Kieren, when that is NOT the goal of the endeavour at all.


The goal is to present facts to Kieren which he can either answer and debunk, or, he holds his hands up and says "Yes I did that, I regret it and I apologise."


It needs an interviewer that will ask questions and not allow Kieren to steer the direction of the interview, i.e. the interview goes where it goes because the answers to the questions end up dictating the direction.


Even the notion of an interview is a load of old nonsense.  Its simply a diversionary tactic from Kieren to make people forget about the "stacks of evidence, you just need to know where to look for it".


Why is he being let off the hook over that?  We know he has ZERO evidence, because if he did, he wouldn't be playing pissing treasure hunt with it, he'd be presenting it to people to shut them up to show he isn't a wandering cess-pit of lies.


Why are people allowing Kieren to dictate the pace and direction of events?  If Kieren has suggested an interview, it'll come with a load of caveats and will be for the benefit of one person...... Kieren.


Frankly, i've got better things to do than listen to a 20 minute waffle from Kieren saying "I don't know" and then steering the interview into a whinge fest where Kieren just gets to moan about the worlds ills being laid at his door and "woe is me".


Kieren is in this for Kieren, he needs this exposure and interview to keep himself relevant.  


Deny him that.

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