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games i made using the sega ide basiegaxor

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here are some games i made using the basiegaxorz ide and sega flashkit they are on cart the ide works good and is easy to use:


bud fighter:




here is the rom download for anyone who wants to check it out





tag cat adventure (this one is still being worked on but will be done soon):





here is the last tag cat adventure demo

tag cat adventurev35.bin






mega zombie (also still being worked on):




here is a demo rom of mega zombie if you want to check it out

mega zombie gamev320.bin


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to use the ide you have to go to the option menu and put in the path for your tile editor and emulator (i use sgtd tile editor and GENS emulator) after that go to the compiler option and check mark copy output file to project directory and rename so it shows up in the folder, then check mark after compilation run in emulator. After that go to target option and pick a output type (cart,sega cd,32x cart) hit apply then start coding 

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On 7/24/2021 at 5:54 PM, wally nellenbach aka suhrim555 said:

some one broke in and tryed to steal files but i got a data recovery program so its ok


Who would have thought that there is still enough competition around the production of Genesis games to warrant such acts of industrial espionage!


I would recommend keeping backup copies of the source code and other files at a secure, offsite location.  

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