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Game&Lynx - Critter Championship


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Greetings fellow Atarians!

I'm sharing a ROM that I've been working on for some time:
Game & Lynx: Critter Championship ? [DOWNLOAD]
The concept is simple, three mini games to kill the time with:
Canyons: help the critters pass the canyon as they walk! Use Left/Right to move the bridge on the top level, and A/B to move the bridge to the lower level. Be aware! You need to move the bridge in position right before the critter walks on it, otherwise it will fall.
Three falls is game over.
Showdown: attack or block based on the numbers indicators! When your number is higher, you should attack, when your number is lower, you should block! If the numbers are the same, attack as fast as you can!
In Game A you will be competing against the CPU and have a limit of three fails. In Game B you will compete against another player and play for whoever gets to 50 points the quickest.
Player 1: Left - block, Right - attack
Player 2: A - block, B - attack
Jelly Jump: Move the critter with the egg to the other side of the water. Use Left-Right to move the critter around. Make sure there is someone to pick up the egg on the other side, otherwise you can get stuck waiting. Avoid falling into the water when the jelly fish make a dive for a fish snack!
Three falls is game over.
Currently high scores are not being saved in case you are playing it using a flash cart. I use Argon for Android or Mednafen on desktop for emulation.
I thought about a little contest. You can mail me a photo of your high score (nomadstudio.io@gmail.com), and win a place in the default score menu with your name of choice. I'm aiming for 5 scores per game in total and the top two scores per game will receive a cart with the game. Deadline 31st of December.
There will be a fourth game added as well as EEPROM save upon release with Yastuna Games :)
Thank you for your attention and have a good day!






jgkspsx - 535

Kapt. Zay - 123

Fei - 106

Iceman - 73

Fadest - 72

Fungus - 55

neogeo1982 - 55

RadiationDDR - 50

karri - 40

Mr BlueSky - 36
Matmook - 28

Jegougou - 27

Nhut - 24

magnum - 23

Lukakufox - 12




Fei - 130

MichelS - 128

Kapt. Zay - 110

jgkspsx - 84

Iceman - 61

Nhut - 53

Fadest - 50

TrashMila - 42

neogeo1982 - 38

Jegougou - 33

magnum - 34

Matmook - 24


Jelly Jump

neogeo1982 - 1005

Fei - 525

Kapt. Zay - 154

Fadest - 137

jgkspsx - 126

Matmook - 97

Iceman - 91

Nhut - 64

Jegougou - 51

magnum - 38

Siccu - 32


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Thanks! Yeah I realize the controls for the Canyons at first are not entirely intuitive, however it is important for the gameplay to move instantly from one position to another; using the D-Pad only to move around would make it impossible to play the game at a higher difficulty.


Btw, the upper and lower creatures' moves are updated alternating, so you will never have the situation that you need to be at two places at the same time. Definitely gets difficult though, I can barely get beyond 50 points :)

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22 minutes ago, neogeo1982 said:

Whats the current high score in the contest? I want to keep trying to win a cartridge.?

I'll update a scoreboard in the first post soon, but currently I only received very little scores. 40 on Canyons is currently the highest, but I didn't receive scores for the other two games. Plenty of room to win still ;)

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4 minutes ago, Fadest said:

Hey, you did not added mine ?

Thought they were lame, but in fact, these are quite challenging for people (apart Canyons) :D

Haha yeah idk if was fair to add since you been beta testing as well ? but I'll add them to increase the challenge a bit ?

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I might need to tune Showdown a bit, though its not supposed to be easy :D


I'm working on the fourth mini game, which will conclude this collection, I think you guys will enjoy it as well. The controls for Canyons will also be revised to something more intuitive, though for the contest I will keep the game as is now to keep it fair.

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No I feel like there is some input lag on Argon controls on Android phones. I tried Asteroid Chasers since I own the physical cart on Lynx and there is definitely a difference in controls placing and moving the pieces around ?. If I can get good scores with lag then I can get awesome scores on the Lynx?.

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