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What have you ACTUALLY played tracker - Modern Edition (2022)


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Every base


all your base


are belong to Toaplan


Fire Shark - 27
Hishouzame - 243
Kangokutou Mary Skelter 2 - 368
Same! Same! Same! - 171
Same! Same! Same! (2P version) - 171

Got the clear on Same! Same! Same!'s 2P version a few days ago. It's really not that bad, but it does feel a bit odd at times since they removed the screen scrolling aspect that the original game has, making the game feel cramped at times since they didn't do very much at all to compensate for the smaller play area.


Kyuukyoku Tiger (2P version) - 4

^ I played the game together with someone who actually made it and we really really sucked extremely badly. Turns out that playing in 2P mode is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Hishouzame - 279
A Magical High School Girl - 27
Same! Same! Same! - 81

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Here are my times for this past week (May 2nd through 8th) on modern systems:


PC (Windows):
Stunt Rally - 15 min.


I found the installer of this game on one of my backups, so I thought I'd give it a try because I now have a PC which is actually able to run it while at the time I got the game I sadly didn't have one. It's a rather modern game with pretty detailed graphics (the installer is almost 1 GB in size!) and many tracks, but it still didn't hold my attention for too long.

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Only one game for me again this week...


GameBoy Advance

Castlevania:  Harmony of Dissonance - 350 min (Well... I did get an ending, but not the good one.  So I went back to a save and kept going.  I should finish it this week.  I had a couple rooms that I wasn't sure how to get in to, but could see them on the map.  I think that should get me all of Dracula's parts and then, maybe the real ending.)

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On 5/6/2022 at 3:18 AM, jgkspsx said:

I wonder when this system was last logged. Do you recognize it?


On 5/6/2022 at 6:26 AM, wongojack said:

N Gage?

For that matter, neither the Nokia N-Gage nor the N-Gage QD have ever been featured in the tracker. @high voltage once queried about those in the classic tracker but since those clearly were released past year 2000 they didn't belong in that tracker and here in the modern tracker, nobody so far paid attention to those so in case you played one or more of those systems, you have introduced new system(s) to the tracker.

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This week I played:


Sonic World (R9 rev 2) for PC - 371 minutes


Progress: I have completed at least one goal in every level as Sonic except for Kingdom Waterfalls. I also completed a few Special Stages. I backed up my Sonic-only save and started a new Tails-only save. I'm part way through the Sonic Adventure 2 based stages.

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More than usual in number and time spent for me this week…


Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 43 minutes

Pikmin Bloom - 103 minutes

Nintendo DSi:

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon - 25 minutes




The best fake-real pinball table I know. Super fun and totally realistic. From the developers of Metroid Prime Pinball. Such a shame this was their last release.


Nintendo Switch:

The Pinball Arcade - 20 minutes

Stern Pinball Arcade - 75 minutes




Same tables, different launcher. I think. Stern is not my favorite but their Data East and Sega tables are some of my favorites.


This week I dusted off the:


Nokia N-Gage:

Asphalt Urban GT 2: 20 minutes

The DS versions of these super fun and rather trashy games were better, but this is a lot more portable (or it was when my battery worked).


Glimmerati - 20 minutes

Weird high society top down racing game. It is pretty fun despite how bizarre it is.


Atari Masterpieces Vol I - 20 minutes




Black Widow and Asteroids mostly. I think these are emulated but the experience is so odd and tiny that I am going to list them here.


Catan - 45 minutes. 
Lost humiliatingly.




The King of Fighters Extreme - 20 minutes.



Made it relatively far (for incompetent me) with a team of Mai, Athena, and… the other one. Sadly not as good as the GBA game it’s based on, but I don’t own that, so it’s kind of academic.


Mile High Pinball - 180 minutes




Made it about halfway up the mile. As pinball adventures go, it is not quite up there with Yoku Island Express but it’s pretty far up there. Idiosyncratic art style, often in the realm of high kitsch, makes it pretty entertaining. It really hurts when you fall back five tables, though.


Very cute to have promotional secret tables for Nokia’s other games: 




Moto GP - 15 minutes.
Very sloooow frame rate.

Rifts: Promise of Power - 30 minutes. Started a new character.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - 40 minutes.




Still an amazing game.

Sony PlayStation Vita:

Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype - 45 minutes




TxK - 25 minutes




Super Impulse Tiny/Micro Arcade:

Millipede (Micro Arcade) - 15 minutes




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Just one game for me this week! With a little break in the action from the end of season Atari 2600 High Score Club tournament before the next round starts I spent the week finishing DOOM Eternal on the Switch then starting in on The Ancient Gods Part 1 expansion for it. I'm really digging the story in The Ancient Gods, but man did they ever push the difficulty level through the roof! I'm still playing on my usual Ultra Violence difficulty setting, but the big battles are quite a slog and usually take me a few attempts to get through. Still, I'm making forward progress! :)



Nintendo Switch
DOOM Eternal - 1,405 minutes

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Week 18


Top games


1. Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition (Switch) - 1860 min. (#1)
2. DOOM Eternal (Switch) - 1405 min. (#4)
3. Sonic World (R9 rev 2) (PC) - 371 min. (#7)
4. Kangokutou Mary Skelter 2 (Mary Skelter: Nightmares) (PS4) - 368 min. (#2)
5. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) - 350 min. (#3)
6. Hishouzame (Switch) - 279 min.
7. Hishouzame (PS4) - 243 min. (#6)
8. Mile High Pinball (Nokia N-Gage) - 180 min.
9. Same! Same! Same! (PS4) - 171 min.
9. Same! Same! Same! (2 player version) (PS4) - 171 min.


Top systems


1. Switch - 3751 min. (#1)
2. PS4 - 980 min. (#2)
3. PC - 782 min. (#3)
4. Nokia N-Gage - 390 min.
5. GBA - 350 min. (#4)
6. iOS - 146 min. (#7)
7. Vita - 70 min.
8. DSi - 25 min.
9. Super Impulse Tiny/Micro Arcade - 15 min. (#8)


Total 6509 minutes and 35 different games on 9 different systems, with 8 participants.


Chrono Cross still is the most played game. Together with DOOM Eternal, those two make up for the lion part of the Switch's total number of minutes to ensure it remains the most played system.


The N-Gage is a late newcomer, entering the systems list at a honorable fourth place.

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On 5/10/2022 at 8:31 PM, jgkspsx said:

I know I said I wouldn’t let us not fill the top 10 systems again, but come ON guys, I was responsible for five of nine and contributed to seven of nine. Back me up a little here! ? 

Well, I've got the GBA down again for this week, so there's only 9 left...

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Same things as usual. I really wish these were all on PC.


Fire Shark - 17
Hishouzame - 164
Kangokutou Mary Skelter 2 - 266

Done. Onto Finale
Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale - 414

Mary Skelter, now actually featuring Mary, as she didn't show up until Finale. She was supposed to be in 2 but got cut from the game at some point. I forgot that the first 7 hours or so of this game is not much besides talking.
Kyuukyoku Tiger - 173
Same! Same! Same! - 242
Same! Same! Same! (2P version) - 120
Sennou Game Teki-Paki - 14
Tiger-Heli - 14


Hishouzame - 5
Kyuukyoku Tiger - 75
Same! Same! Same! - 76
Tiger-Heli - 18

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Here are my times for this past week (May 9th through 15th) on modern systems:



Gold-Zug (Gold Train FRVR) - 18 min.


On modern systens, this week I played an online game which in German is called "Gold-Zug" while its English name in the app stores is "Gold Train FRVR". It's about laying down train tracks in a fashion similar to "Pipe dream" which are supposed to connect a station where a train is waiting to another station while going past all the pieces of gold to collect them on the way. You can't really "play" with your creation however because your track is only being used once before you have to build the next one. I'd rather have sought a game where you can lay down tracks to form a railway system and then also make a schedule how it should be operated and how trains should run through it to avoid crashes. But this game is pretty different from that vision.

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Modern gaming this week...

GameBoy Advance

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - 90 min (Thought I got the "bad" ending last week, but this week I got a worse ending.  Then I did a little research and got the good ending.  There's also apparently a "boss rush" mode that unlocks at some point... after one of the endings... and played through the "easy" version of that, which is the only option at the first.  I guess the harder versions unlock after doing the easy one.  Overall, fun game.  Very much like SotN.  The Castle is more confusing with the different warps and such, but it was still fun.  The one area where you race a ball to get through a room before it does is really a difficulty spike and made me quit the game years back, but other than that, pretty easy game.)

Castlevania Circle of the Moon - 210 min (This is already turning into a tougher game.  The jumping is rough.  HoD is damn near "floaty" in comparison.  So that takes some getting used to.  I've already died several times on bosses and had trouble figuring out where to go.  The fact that I had played and quit HoD was a driving factor in me finishing that game, and I don't have that on this one.  So we'll see if I get frustrated or bored with it.)

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I finished Chrono Cross and started Legend of Mana on the Switch.  Otherwise, it's a cross-section of games I play regularly:


Asteroids: Recharged - 420 minutes
Black Widow: Recharged - 210 minutes
Centipede: Recharged - 420 minutes
Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition - 420 minutes
Legend of Mana - 668 minutes
Tempest 4000 - 120 minutes
World of Solitaire - 210 minutes


XBox Series X:
Forza Horizon - 180 minutes

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Metroid Pinball 61 

Picross 3d 49 



Super Mario Galaxy 2 92 


XBox 360 

Blood Stone 007 455


I finished Blood Stone 007 the same day I started it.  It was pretty short and felt like they kinda gave up on it.  Still nice to have some Bond content.

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On 5/15/2022 at 5:34 PM, Eltigro said:

Castlevania Circle of the Moon -

The fact that I had played and quit HoD was a driving factor in me finishing that game, and I don't have that on this one.  So we'll see if I get frustrated or bored with it.

I hope you stick with it - the card system, as frustrating as it is to get them all to drop, is one of my favorite mechanics in a Castlevania full stop, and the unlockable class system is AMAZING. It is far and away the most replayable Castlevania ever. It is proof that a good Castlevania with RPG elements could be done in a very different way to the Iga mode, and it took the world decades to explore that rich vein of interesting gameplay further.

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Who am I and why am I here? Hmmm…


Apple iOS:


Duolingo - 129 minutes

Pikmin Bloom - 181 minutes




My team of three completed a 100000 step weekly challenge by the skin of our teeth.

Nokia N-Gage:


Mile High Pinball - 270 minutes.




I am hopelessly addicted to this. Most of the time has come from trying to get to secret doors - just blasting through levels isn’t too hard. I’m almost done now.


I love getting to the secret levels and I love that half of them are ads for the other first party N-Gage games.




I do not love falling three or four tables back because I messed up an approach. But so it goes.


I also spent longer than I care to admit making and playing my own tables in the level editor:



(The “gargoils” are the only interesting enemies available in the level editor.)

Pandemonium - 45 minutes.



An amazing port of the PS1 not-quite-classic, but the lack of any music at all is decidedly Jaguar-esque.


Nintendo DS:

Squishy Tank - 30 minutes.


I bought this on a whim at my game store for $9 cib and definitely overpaid. It’s your standard “pop chains of like colored blocks” game starring cute cartoon tanks getting blown up. It is rather sadistic in its humor and very Japanese - there is a “petting” mode where you touch the tanks in an awkward parody of the  worst “games” out there.



What can I say, it is a completely brainless waste of time that is somehow a little compelling mostly because I never play these games anymore and because the cutscenes with the tanks are funny. Compared to better games like the fiendish Zookeeper it is so easy it’s hard to imagine even losing.


Sony PlayStation Vita:


Pinball Heroes Complete - 35 minutes

across three tables.



I thiiiink that’s it? If I remember anything else soon I’ll add it.

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