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What have you ACTUALLY played tracker - Modern Edition (2022)


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Finally a bit of variety from me this week! In addition to continuing to play through the Ancient Gods Part 1 & 2 expansions for DOOM Eternal on the Switch I also dusted off the Neo Geo MVSX arcade machine and played through a few of my favorite fighting games, and did a couple rounds of Ms. Pac-Man while I was at it. After that I played the 3 games for the second round of the end of season major league tournament in the Atari 2600 high score club, and I feel like I did pretty darn well in all of them! I'm particularly pleased with my score of 161,100 in Road Runner :)







Klax [NTSC Finished Prototype] (Atari 2600) - 83 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade) - 16 minutes

Road Runner (Atari 2600) - 30 minutes

Samurai Showdown II (Neo Geo AES/MVS) - 30 minutes
The Last Blade (Neo Geo AES/MVS) - 37 minutes
The Last Blade 2 (Neo Geo AES/MVS) - 22 minutes
Xenophobe (Atari 2600) - 219 minutes


Nintendo Switch

DOOM Eternal - 555 minutes

Total Video Game Play Time This Week
992 minutes (16 hours 32 minutes) [555 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week
Nintendo Switch: 555 minutes
Atari 2600: 332 minutes
Neo Geo AES/MVS: 89 minutes
Arcade: 16 minutes

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This week I played:


Sonic World (R9 Rev 2) for PC - 120 minutes




continued playing a file as Tails only. The Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes stages are all done and I played a bit past that into the Sonic '06-based stages. I was actually able to beat the Kingdom Waterfalls level with Tails where I couldn't do it as Sonic.

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Week 19


Top games


1. Legend of Mana (Switch) - 668 min.
2. DOOM Eternal (Switch) - 555 min. (#2)
3. Blood Stone 007 (Xbox 360) - 455 min.
4. Asteroids: Recharged (Switch) - 420 min.
4. Centipede: Recharged (Switch) - 420 min.
4. Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition (Switch) - 420 min. (#1)
7. Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale (PS4) - 414 min.
8. Mile High Pinball (Nokia N-Gage) - 270 min. (#8)
9. Kangokutou Mary Skelter 2 (Mary Skelter: Nightmares) (PS4) - 266 min. (#4)
10. Same! Same! Same! (PS4) - 242 min. (#9)


Top systems


1. Switch - 3235 min. (#1)
2. PS4 - 1424 min. (#2)
3. Xbox 360 - 455 min.
4. Nokia N-Gage - 315 min. (#4)
5. iOS - 310 min. (#6)
6. GBA - 300 min. (#5)
7. Xbox Series X - 180 min.
8. DS - 140 min.
9. PC - 120 min. (#3)
10. Wii - 92 min.

Total 6624 minutes and 38 different games on 12 different systems, with 9 participants.


Legend of Mana on the Switch is a new entry, and immediately becomes the most played game of the week, just short of two hours ahead of DOOM Eternal, also on the Switch. With five games on the individual top 10 and a total of 14 games entered, it is quite apparent that the Switch also becomes the most played, 30 hours more that the PS4 in second place.


Chrono Chross: Radical Dreamers Edition on the ... Switch ... becomes the latest member in the 50 Hour Club (3000 min) with a total of 3050 minutes. It means a total of 111 games (out of 1774, so 6.26%) have accomplished this. Still 29 games (1.63%) have exceeded 9000 min = 150 hours, and 8 games (0.45%) have exceeded 18000 min = 300 hours. Interestingly, none of the games played this week belong in that category, and only three games in the 9000+ minute club.


Hopefully I'll be back to my normal schedule (late Tuesday evening, European time) next week.

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Same stuff as usual, but this time with the new Kiki Kaikai that released last month and Snow Bros. Special, which released a few days ago. Pyros, the much harder US version of Wardner, is also here. M2 added a bunch of insane extras to the Japanese version, but the US version remains its regular difficult self without any cool additions at all.


Fire Shark - 43
Hishouzame - 130
Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale - 829
Kiki Kaikai Kuro Manto no Nazo - 29
Kyuukyoku Tiger - 20 (estimate)

Apparently the game didn't feel like saving my time for whatever reason.
Pyros - 9
Same! Same! Same! - 151
Same! Same! Same! (2P version) - 92


Hishouzame - 16
Same! Same! Same! - 103
Snow Bros. Special - 222

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Here are my times for this past week (May 16th through 22nd) on modern systems:



Asteroids - 3 min.


There is a browser-based version of Asteroids here: Free Asteroids - Play Game Instantly!

It represents the original arcade version pretty well, but the bigger an asteroid is, the wider its lines get, which is not quite like the arcade original. I only played it for 3 minutes in the past week.

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I also recently played that same version of asteroids that @Kurt_Woloch mentions a couple weeks ago, so I'm adding 3 mins for it too!



Browser Based

Asteroids 3



Dicey Dungeons 270



Super Mario Galaxy 2 95 



Carcassonne 58 



Overcooked 2 159 

Starwhal 23

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This past week was unusual in that I spent a good portion of my time on the same game but different consoles.  


Asteroids: Recharged -- 210 minutes
Centipede: Recharged -- 210 minutes
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics -- 420 minutes
Legend of Mana -- 480 minutes
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga -- 960 minutes
Slipstream -- 180 minutes


Lego Star Wars received a bugfix patch; I picked it back up and started my game over.  It was neat playing this in bed (which was the main reason I picked it up for Switch first).


 I chunked along with my Legend of Mana playthrough some more and picked up Slipstream (sort-of modern Outrun clone).


XBox Series X:
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga -- 1200 minutes


Kind of the same as with Switch, I started a new game of Lego Star Wars on the XBox mostly to take advantage of the sharper visuals.  :)

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Apple iOS:


Among Us - 51 minutes

Duolingo - 42 minutes

Pikmin Bloom - 238 minutes

Another Community Day plus team challenges really boosted this.


Nintendo Game Boy Advance:


Pinball Advance - 25 minutes

Surprisingly smooth and nice POV-style pinball game with pre-rendered CGI graphics. Other than the sometimes annoying music, it's well worth picking up cheap from Europe where it was exclusively released, or downloading.



Nokia N-Gage:


Mile High Pinball - 240 minutes


Finished the tower:




Found all of the medallions, played through a second time to about 66% to do so.



It turns out I had found them both before but didn't actually collect them, probably because I saved with the intention of falling back and getting them but then forgot to. Did not unlock all of the ball skins but I'm not sure how you even do that given that there are still 12 I don't have and I am sure I found all the secret rooms now.


Operation Shadow - 45 minutes



It was critically reviled, but... I like it. It looks fine, sounds fine, plays fine. It's dumb but it's a lot of fun and really impressive for the hardware. I don't get the hate.


Sony PlayStation Portable:


Pinball Dreams - 25 minutes

All the Nightmare table. It's a pretty great port. Played on Vita.



I played quite a bit on my real PSP, but it was all emulation, so look at the Classic stakes for that.


Sony PlayStation Vita:


BreakQuest Extra Evolution - 20 minutes.

It's a fun takeoff on Arkanoid etc. but it's kinda rough despite the tons of content.


Atari Flashback Classics / Pong - 10 minutes.

This claims to be an arcade game collection, but the arcade had no CPU opponent, so this counts as a Vita game I guess?



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Just one for me again...



Eiyuden Chronicle Rising - 687 min (Really enjoying this more than I thought I would.  I gave to the kickstarter for the full game, Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, but this was a stretch goal prequel type thing or something?  While 100 heroes is going to be a more traditional turn based JRPG type affair, Rising is a action RPG that reminds me a bit of Dragon's Crown as far as gameplay goes... There's three different characters you can switch between, which is done by pressing their own action/attack button.  Chaining the different attack buttons during an attack creates combo attacks where one will attack then the other comes in with an add on.  Anyway, it's pretty fun and hasn't been too challenging so it's been a nice relaxing game for the most part.  There's a lot of fetch quest kind of side quests that haven't gotten too tiring yet.  I've been in and out of dungeons several times, collecting things as I go, so often when someone says they need, say, 10 heavy stones, I've already got them.  There are some items taht only appear once the quest has been given though, so sometimes you'll have to go back no matter what you've already collected.  Anyway, I plan on playing more this week, so it'll be in the tracker again soon.)

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Week 20


Top games


1. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Xbox Series X) - 1200 min.
2. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Switch) - 960 min.
3. Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale (PS4) - 829 min. (#7)
4. Eiyuden Chronicle Rising (PC) - 687 min.
5. Legend of Mana (Switch) - 480 min. (#1)
6. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Switch) - 420 min.
7. Dicey Dungeons (PC) - 270 min.
8. DOOM Eternal (Switch) - 245 min. (#2)
9. Mile High Pinball (Nokia N-Gage) - 240 min. (#8)
10. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 238 min.


Top systems


1. Switch - 3046 min. (#1)
2. PS4 - 1303 min. (#2)
3. Xbox Series X - 1200 min. (#7)
4. PC - 957 min. (#9)
5. iOS - 331 min. (#5)
6. Nokia N-Gage - 285 min. (#4)
7. Xbox One - 182 min.
8. Wii - 95 min. (#10)
9. Xbox 360 - 58 min. (#3)
10. Vita - 30 min.


Total 7543 minutes and 35 different games on 13 different systems, with 7 participants.


Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga takes a comfortable double this week. With 10 different entries, the Switch becomes the most played system, also by a comfortable margin.


On the long term stats, I can add that we've played 375 out of 1787 games this year = 21%. Compared to the classic tracker (10.5%), twice as many of the already existing entries get played here which is consistent with how many more games on the top 10 remain every week.

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Not much to say. The usual things are unusually not really here that much because of Death Stranding Director's Cut.


Sennou Game Teki-Paki - 69
Same! Same! Same! - 15
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 14


Hishouzame - 129
Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale - 33
Same! Same! Same! - 24
Sennou Game Teki-Paki - 18
Snow Bros. Special - 26


Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! XTEND - 4

Just some testing of my Astro City Mini arcade stick. I forgot which character I play as and how to play the game again...
Death Stranding Director's Cut - 1320

Remember when I said I bought this like 2 months ago? I finally started playing it.
Eschatos - 5
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s+ - 216

So this stealth launched on PC the other day for some reason. PC version has some problems, though.

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On 5/24/2022 at 5:58 AM, jgkspsx said:

Atari Flashback Classics / Pong - 10 minutes.

This claims to be an arcade game collection, but the arcade had no CPU opponent, so this counts as a Vita game I guess?

No, it didn't, but I read it had sort-of a mind of its own. There's a bug in the logic that determines the angle at which the ball deflects from the players' paddles. It's supposed to be dependent on the relative position of the ball on the paddle, but due to the bug it's also a bit dependent on the position of the respective paddle relative to the other player's paddle. This, in fact, results in the ball, in average, being slanted a bit away from the other player, so this makes the game a bit harder for the players.

All the bugs are described here: ARCADE_MINI-PONG.pdf (worldphaco.com)


As for my times for this past week (May 23rd to 29th, 2022)... sorry, no gaming this week, neither on classic nor on modern systems. The care for my father is now in a hot phase where we seek for care allowance for him, so some time had to be taken to do this.

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Just one game again...



Eiyuden Chronicle Rising - 439 (So...  I had like 11 hours or something in the game last week.  I wanted to stream it, but start a new game for the stream.  And then have one save for the stream and one for off stream.  Well, I accidentally saved over my 11 hour game save.  So started from scratch, but because I knew better what to do and where to go and stuff, I got back to where I was and a little further in half the time.)

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Depending on the game and emulation, I usually will split out the time for a 'collection'; this time, I'm choosing to keep it lumped together because it makes tracking easier.



GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon -- 360 minutes

Pac-Man Museum+ -- 900 minutes

Slipstream -- 240 minutes


XBox Series X:

Octopath Traveler -- 120 minutes

Streets of Rage 4 -- 480 minutes


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Mostly in the classic category this week, but still a broad assortment here.


Apple iOS:


Duolingo - 60 minutes

Pikmin Bloom - 67 minutes




Arrow Hero - 15 minutes


Saw this while voting on scores at highscore.com, decided to give it a try.




Nintendo DS:


Squishy Tank - 20 minutes


Okay, normal difficulty is pretty challenging.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance:


Bubble Bobble Old and New - 20 minutes.


I played mostly “new”, which seems to have ugly updated graphics and annoying voices.


Super Impulse Tiny Arcade:


Burgertime - 45 minutes


This seems easier than normal despite being tiny? Or maybe I am finally learning how to play Burgertime.




Millipede (Micro Arcade) - 15 minutes


Pretty fun and challenging despite the glacial spider speed. Or because of?



Sony PSP:


Pinball - 90 minutes


Hudson’s JP-only set of two original, realistic tables (The Morphing Avenger and Forest of the Fortune Teller) is fun, but overly greedy outlanes temper the fun somewhat. Forest reads your tarot at the end of the game, which is a bit too ominous to be funny.




Pinball Dreams - 25 minutes




A very nice conversion of the Amiga games with tate mode support. Even if the tables are a bit rude with those greedy outlanes.


Sony PS Vita:


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - 15 minutes. I really ought to give this some serious time.




VM Labs Nuon:


I don’t recall which category this goes under so I’m listing it with both.


Ballistic - 25 minutes


Several games using the infrared remote control, including an improbably good one, while I was waiting to start playing a movie.



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Week 21


Top games


1. Death Stranding Director's Cut (PC) - 1320 min.
2. Pac-Man Museum+ (Switch) - 900 min.
3. Streets of Rage 4 (Xbox Series X) - 480 min.
4. Eiyuden Chronicle Rising (PC) - 439 min. (#4)
5. GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon (Switch) - 360 min.
6. Star Wars Squadrons (PS4) - 280 min.
7. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (Switch) - 240 min.
8. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s + (PC) - 216 min.
9. Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4) - 200 min.
10. Sonic World (R9 rev 2) (PC) - 186 min.


Top systems


1. PC - 2214 min. (#4)
2. Switch - 1848 min. (#1)
3. PS4 - 950 min. (#2)
4. Xbox Series X - 600 min. (#3)
5. PS3 - 154 min.
6. iOS - 127 min. (#5)
7. Wii - 124 min. (#8)
8. PSP - 115 min.
9. Xbox One - 107 min. (#7)
10. Super Impulse Tiny/Micro Arcade - 60 min.


Total 6394 minutes and 44 different games on 15 different systems, with 8 participants.


No Lego Skywalker, no Kangokutou Mary Skelter (on the top list), not even Nokia N-Gage?! What kind of tracker is this? Well, one with almost as much variation as the classic one. This week the director's cut version of Death Stranding is challenged by Pac-Man Museum+. On the systems side, the PC platform has 7 entries and the Switch has 11 but when it comes to total playtime the PC takes the title.


None of the 44 games exceed our 3000/9000/18000 minute thresholds but we clock in at a total of 1800 games listed, of which 394 (almost 22%) have been played this year.


(And yes, the Nuon despite being released already in 2000 technically belongs here)

Edited by carlsson
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Mostly Death Stranding again. I'm almost at the end. Just have the final few cutscenes and the final delivery left. Quints Movie: The Game is here as well, and it seems better than its disappointing predecessor so far. Also found the likely fairly uncommon DoDonPachi II in the arcade today, so I played it... it looks more like a bootleg or an extremely amateur ROM hack than anything else. CAVE didn't make it, which is probably why it's still arcade-exclusive. On CAVE, also found a Saidaioujou EXA LABEL cabinet, as well, and Senjin Aleste is back. I still have absolutely no idea how to play that game, though.


Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! XTEND - 6
Death Stranding Director's Cut - 2220
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s+ - 246


Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s - 104
Going back to the Switch version, the Switch version looks way worse, the loading times are way slower, and the framerates of the PVs are 30FPS in a few places, but I think the PC version has some really strange input lag that doesn't seem to be there on Switch.


Eiga Gotoubun no Yanayome Kimi to Sugoshita Itsutsu no Omoide - 84
Hishouzame - 43
Kyuukyoku Tiger - 40
Same! Same! Same! - 21
Same! Same! Same! (2P ver) - 33
Sennou Game Teki-Paki - 20


DoDonPachi II - 5
DoDonPachi Saidaioujou EXA LABEL - 3
Senjin Aleste - 5



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