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On 7/30/2022 at 12:33 PM, 8BIT 1337 said:

After the 7th you can change your starting pitcher to a knuckle baller. By default it's set to no reliever.


The computer always does. I normally will but if I haven't really thrown the fastball I don't bother.

Basically the Heat pitcher can only throw so many of those fastballs. So if you tire him out definitely switch 

you're meant to use the fast balls sparingly? I used them all the time just to get the innings over quicker, though I did get one out with a few balls, so probably that's not a good idea! What is "Knuckle baller" explain for us over the pond :-D


final tables in progress....


still time to vote all!

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ok it's all over and we got to play a couple of classics plus a few of our individual picks, thanks for playing everyone. I picked uo the win with carlsson in runner up spot just pipping 8BIT 1337 proving gently gently catchy monkey :thumbsup:




final tables

please check your scores - no late scores this time sorry!!!

HSC points for this round

  1st   therealbountybob             63  12pts +7pts
  2nd   carlsson                          44  11pts +7pts
  3rd   8BIT 1337                       41  10pts +7pts
  4th   AtariSphinx                      33  9pts +7pts

  5th   Deteacher                       33  8pts +6pts

  6th   graywest                        26  7pts +5pts
  7th   MichaG                           19  6pts +5pts
  8th   littleman jack                  13  5pts +2pts
  9th   mimo                             11  4pts +2pts
 10th   RedThunder                     9  3pts +6pts
 11th   littleman jr                      7  2pts  +2pts

 12th   Mrs Mimo                        7  2pts +1pt

+bonus point for each of the 7 games played



(8.1 = level 8 with 1 ball delivered!)

  1st   therealbountybob (8.1)   20,750    12
  2nd   Deteacher                   17,210    11
  3rd   8BIT 1337 (7.1)            16,290    10
  4th   mimo (6)                      15,660     9
  5th   AtariSphinx (7)             14,860     8
  6th   Mrs Mimo                    13,880     7
  7th   MichaG                       11,440     6
  8th   littleman jack (6)          11,320     5
  9th   carlsson                       9,570     4
 10th   graywest                     6,350     3
 11th   littleman jr                    6,050     2
 12th   RedThunder                   4,900     1


fastball challenge!

highest score on first two levels in 1 man
deteacher              1,820    1
AtariSphinx             1,820    1

therealbountybob     1800    
8BIT 1337               1800    
littleman jack           1770    
carlsson                  1750   



  1st   carlsson                      38,220     9
  2nd   therealbountybob         37,980     8

  3rd   AtariSphinx                  26,585     7
  4th   MichaG                       24,670     6
  5th   Deteacher                   22,900     5
  6th   8BIT 1337                   22,575     4
  7th   graywest                    15,765     3
  8th   mimo                          14,365     2
  9th   RedThunder                     160     1


BMX Simulator

BMX Sim as Rider 1

  1st   therealbountybob           3,450     6
  2nd   RedThunder                  2,674     5
  3rd   carlsson                       1,540     4

  4th   AtariSphinx                  1,420     3
  5th   8BIT 1337                    1,410     2
  6th   MichaG                        1,220     1


BMX Sim as Rider 2

  1st   therealbountybob           3,260     4
  2nd   8BIT 1337                    1,828     3
  3rd   carlsson                        1,450     2
  4th   AtariSphinx                    1,419     1


Kik Start

please play the correct combination of tracks - [Option] then keys [0]-[9]!

Kik-Start - Race A  1-2-3
  1st   therealbountybob               63.38     6

  2nd   AtariSphinx                      104.00    5

  3rd   carlsson                          118.50    4

  4th   MichaG                           121.10     3

  5th   graywest                        130.62    2

  6th   8BIT 1337                       144.92    1


Kik-Start - Race B  4-5-7

  1st   therealbountybob               59.86    5

  2nd   graywest                        124.40    4

  3rd   carlsson                           128.52   3
  3rd  8BIT 1337                         133.98    2

  5th  AtariSphinx                        158.12   1


Kik-Start - Race C  2:-6-8

  1st   therealbountybob              60.64     5

  2nd   carlsson                        124.62     4

  3rd   graywest                       124.72     3

  4th   8BIT 1337                      133.62     2

  5th  AtariSphinx                      134.78    1


Kik-Start - Race D  112 345 678 (play the batches of courses in succession)

  2nd   therealbountybob            199.10    3

  3rd  8BIT 1337                       348.70   2

  3rd  carlsson                          411.30   1



  1st   carlsson (8)                   4,360     6
  2nd   therealbountybob           2,430     5
  3rd   deteacher                     2,090     4
  4th   8BIT 1337                      1,630    3

  5th   AtariSphinx                      640     2
  6th   RedThunder                     280     1


 1st   graywest                      4,000    4
 2nd   deteacher                    2,000    3
 2nd   carlsson                       2,000    3

 2nd  therealbountybob           2,000    3

  5th   8BIT 1337                    1,000    2

  5th   AtariSphinx                   1,000    2

  7th   RedThunder                    0!      1!


Star League Baseball

8BIT 1337              19-2    10
deteacher               16-3    9
littleman jack            9-6    8
graywest                 5-3    7
therealbountybob     4-7     6
littleman jr              1-14    5
carlsson                 1-29    4
No scorers!        
MichaG                  0-26    3
AtariSphinx             0-31    2
RedThunder           0-99!    1


Hardball Challenge - play as Curve Liners vs Atari as Heat Sluggers

8BIT 1337    3-1
Shutout Challenge    
8BIT 1337    14-0


Edited by therealbountybob
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Games I liked (3): Preppie!, Topper, Skateboard (definitely underrated once you get a bit into it)

Games I got frustrated about but kept playing (2): Kik-Start, BMX Simulator

Games I didn't like (1): Star League Baseball

Games I didn't play enough (1): Skate Crazy

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1 hour ago, therealbountybob said:

What is "Knuckle baller" explain for us over the pond :-D

Well, normally when you throw a ball you impart some spin on it, yes?


A knuckle baller grips the ball with their knuckles only and throws it without any spin at all.


The ball does all sorts of crazy movement without spin. 


Because it's not thrown with any real velocity they can pitch for a long time too, although mostly they are used as starters not as relievers.


If there's one in MLB right now I don't know him. R.A. Dickey was the last one the Jays had, almost 20 years ago now!

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I liked Skateboard a lot.  Too bad I can't really play on my hardware though.


Topper I was disappointed in when I got stuck where the rabbit didn't move. I never did get back to it.


I'm grateful we played Star League Baseball though as I know it's not a popular one but it's absolutely one of my faves of all time.


Think I'll hack it again. Pick a new home team, new trivia, and move Astros back to the AL ?


On to the next round!

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On 8/1/2022 at 3:59 PM, 8BIT 1337 said:

I'm grateful we played Star League Baseball though as I know it's not a popular one but it's absolutely one of my faves of all time.


Think I'll hack it again. Pick a new home team, new trivia, and move Astros back to the AL ?


Yes! I am also so grateful that we played Star League Baseball. It is one of my favorite games for Atari and one of the best video game baseball games.

And I appreciate the comment about the Astros. It is still jarring to see the Astros and Brewers in their new leagues. I am still not used to it. I will always think of them where they were when I was a kid, playing the teams they used to play in the 1970s and 80s.

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