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The Lost Kingdom


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Hi all!


Your kingdom is in great despair since the king disappeared. The legend says that the crown is hidden somewhere in this world, maybe if you can find it, you can become the king!


The objective of the game is simple: explore the world, find the crown, become the king!!! There are no enemies in this game.


Move the peasant with the joystick directions. To take objects you simply pass over them. You can drop objects just by pressing the joystick buttons. You cannot go to certain places if you don't have the right object!


Find attached the complete source code for the game, fully commented. And if you would like more detailed explanations about how it works, you can get my new book Programming Games for Atari 2600.







the_lost_kingdom.bin the_lost_kingdom.asm

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing The Lost Kingdom on Wednesday's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



After Dark:

  • Jumping At Shadows (2022 Demo | Jaguar) by Reboot / Lawrence Staveley @CyranoJ & Ander Lex @agradeneu (Code) / Ericde45 @Ericde45 (Sound Engine) / Ander Lex & Szadi Art (Artwork) / Roald Strauss (Music)
  • Stormbringer (2022 Exclusive Retail Premiere | Jaguar) by Lawrence Staveley @CyranoJ (Jaguar Port) / David Jones (Original Programmer) / Benedikt Scheffer @Cabbage (Packaging Artwork)




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