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Wyvern Tales 2


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Greetings fellow Atarians!
Today marks exactly 10 years since I announced Wyvern Tales for the Atari Lynx! The development took much longer than anticipated and due to hardware constraints the final game was shorter than I envisioned. As a result, the original story that I was planning never made it into the original game and I had to cut a lot of corners to create the final game.
I am here to announce the official sequel, Wyvern Tales 2! A classic turn-based JRPG for the Atari Jaguar! This will tell the full story that started 10 years ago and will be exclusive to the Jaguar.
Together with Phoboz and Eternal-Krauser we have started this project around January and will show progress on this thread. We are building on top of the engine that Phoboz created for Kings of Edom.
We do realize that the scope of this project is huge and will take some years before completion, but so far it's been a great experience. The knowledge that both Phoboz and Eternal-Krauser bring to the project from their past experiences makes development much more enjoyable and feasible. 
Thank you for your attention!
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27 minutes ago, PFG 9000 said:

Just curious - if this is built on the Kings of Edom engine, will WT2 be procedurally generated too?

No, this game will have a pre-drawn world, like the Final Fantasy games.


Actually there has been a step-wise expansion of the KoE gfx engine:


1. In KoE eryting was procedurally generated.

2. In Asteroite, the gfx engine was expanded to render worlds drawn using the Tiled level editor.

3. In the unfinished game Shadow Kingdom, transparent highlights, and shadows were added.

4. For Wyvern Tales II, non rectangular collision detection between objects and the world was added.

5. For Wyvern Tales II the possibility to define NPC walking paths, and trigger areas using Tiled were added.

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2 hours ago, Buffalo Biff Burgertime said:

I took a look at the video of the Lynx game, reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy 2 on SNES (yeah yeah FF4 whatever) which I grew up with. Was that one of your inspirations?

The early Final Fantasy games are some of my all time favorites. In terms of scope for the Lynx, I use the early Dragon Quest games as inspiration

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6 minutes ago, Gemintronic said:

@NinjabbaWhat's your strategy for animating background tiles?  Trying to work up the gumption to make a scrolling engine for RPGs myself.

You'll have to ask @phoboz for his secrets :D I'm merely using what he creates, its his engine. We haven't put them yet in the maps, but I believe its already possible.

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