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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2023 Thread!


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Nice to receive my assignment,and already started shopping for gifts!! Feels like it's gonna be a fun one this year lol.


I do hope everybody ends up getting what they want and nothing too bad!!  :rolling:











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The wife and I are tag teaming this, just like we did last year. She picked up a couple items yesterday. And I'm in the process of picking out some things out of my personal collection (can't say which system, 😆) for my gifts to give. We gotta play the wait and see if Albert gets my AA shipment here sooner rather then later. Happy Turkey day all!

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Don't forget there's some great deals at Pay N' Save this year...




... Next to Buy N Spend at the Retail Store Shopping Center, home to the statue of the Square Round Poet. 


While there, support the trends at Specialized Merchandise. Be sure to think about eating all you can at the Consumer's Buffet. Get green at Natural Stuff, enjoy awhile at Entertainment Pizza & Food, and join the cult at Shoes Are For You!


(paid for by Consolidated Marketing of Market Markets)

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Just felt this needed an encore this year.
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Yeah, once everyone has got drunk and he thinks his wife has cheated on him with one of her exes. Very funny movie, though the synopsis may indicate otherwise. It was remade in a few other countries but they changed the script to involve guns and stuff, and that wasn't quite as funny.

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