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...here's something weird...at EB, the only place I've seen them for sale in Halifax, you can get them shrinkwrapped....hmm, mine wasn't but had the sticker seal.  Anybody seen these?...just a thought.


Now I'm trying to convince myself I can do the mod without burning down my house!


Be aware of shrinkwrapped items that you find at EB. That usually means they have been previously opened. Check the box for the unbroken sticker seal to be sure.
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..those fools tried to pull that crap on me years back when I bought a PS game....no shrinkwrap!...and surprise surprise, the game skipped like a mother!...of course no problems taking it back, that was in the day when EB would do FULL RETURNS AND exchanges no questions asked!...even if you told em, yep, I burned it, here ya go, gimme my money back!


....but the dude at the store told me , Hey, I could go on and tell you why we resell stuff that's been returned....I stopped him right there, took my money and left.

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I was able to convince my wife that my birthday presant from her and the kids could come a week early so I finally got a FB2.


Great little unit. I'm totally impressed with it & Having loads of fun with it. I was kinda ticked there was a screw under the bottom label but it's nothing a heat gun can't help with (to preserve the label) and no way to reurn to the menu without a hard reset gets anoying but still this thing rocks. Gonna have to work a hard reset button so it's not a power on\off deal, one would fit on the side or something. I'll think more about it when I get another FB2, I got better plans for the one I have currently God who the heck knows how many of these units I'm gonna end up buying, they have so much potential for so many different projects!! I have a project I started when I found out about the FB2 in June (JUNE and now it's DECEMBER before I got one :roll:) that I will be finishing over the next few days . Pics will follow when it's complete. Lets just say my FB2 will be VERY unique when it's done being moded out, I'm more than sure it will be a one of a kind, That is unless my friend ron has me make him one too.

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YUP!!!  Amazon.ca is shipping .... $34.95   ... if you spend $39 or more you get free shipping.






I've added a $10 coupon code for new Amazon.ca members on my link. If you spend $50 or more using a VISA card, you'll get free shipping plus $10 off your Amazon.ca order. That means you can buy two Flashbacks for $29.95 CND each (plus tax) no shipping charge.


This is for new members of amazon.ca only, sorry and you must pay using VISA card!

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I revisited SuperStore on Marine Drive and the Oakridge Zellers in Vancouver and both have the FB2 in stock now, so if you don't have a FB2 in Vancouver, there's no excuse!  ;)


I guess this means the Oakridge manager no longer sucks, but Brockville's mayor...  :ponder:



But Brockville's mayor what? BLOWS CHUNKS?? Your damn right He does!! :D

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I saved up for my Atari for so long, I remember playing with the money as I waited.



I remember doing the same when I was saving change for Popeye! Ahh yes... back when we had paper $1 and $2 bills. $38.97 for Popeye.. plus some tax. Those were good times!


I used an container for a bottle of Black Velvet. It was a great container but it couldn't fill fast enough! LOL!


Hey Sid... where in Ontario are you? Not Brockville (AKA Intellivision headquarters! LOL!) I hope?

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One thing I noticed while doing some Christmas shopping.. around the beginning of the month the local EB and Zellers had several FB 2.0's in stock and this past Saturday the EB was down to 1 unit and the Zellers didn't have much either... the result... people are buying these units which is great news for Atari!


Christmas Eve we are planning on having some company over and one of the events will be to play some Flashback 2.0! Maze Craze and some more games will be enjoyed that night!


Reminds me... I need to get myself a nice 2600 to get some of the other games again. I sure miss my Atari... and Ms Pac Man... and the list goes on and on! LOL!


I'm considering getting more goodies... that Pesco looks like fun but I'm going off topic here... (anyone have an awesome 2600 for sale?)


I'm wondering how the 'cartridges' for the FB 3.0 will be distributed... I'd love to preorder all of them at EB.. that would rock!

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I was just in the Richmond BC Superstore today and they had FB1's & 2's on sale! I picked up a couple FB2's ($14.44 CAN) for gifts; there was one left. Incidentally, the FB1's were priced more than the FB2's... :ponder:



WOW! 15 bucks each? Heck I would have grabbed them at that price just for the sticks. The sticks are worth more than that!! Good Score!!

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