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Mostly Atari-related projects, and other ramblings. Home of the Artie the Atari comic strip.

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One more four the road

This is going to be a lot shorter than the last couple of projects. You can pick out details from those blog entries if you need to install a UAV mod of your own, but I'm not going to go over it all in detail again here - much of it is the same.   One last console to mod, and no repairs needed! This time - a four-switcher. Or as I like to call 'em, a four-banger: Somehow, I don't think my console nicknames are catching on. 4x4? Foursider? No?   Anyway... here's its

2600 Chewnyor Fixit & Mod kit - pt. 3

Time to cut stuff up! Choppity-chop!   And yes... this part is non-reversible. But the cables have to exit the Jr. somewhere. There aren't many places to do this, unless you repurpose the RF jack, or remove the RF modulator and the channel 2-3 switch. Neither is happening here, so I need to cut a hole. Because of how I routed the cables and the location of the mods, I decided the space between the channel 2-3 switch and the corner post of the case was the best spot.   So I me

2600 Chewnyor Fixit & Mod kit - pt. 2

So, it's time to throw a UAV mod into this 2600 Jr.   As far as installing mods, this isn't exactly my first rodeo. But it is my first time installing a mod into a Jr., and it's my first time installing a UAV mod into a 2600.   When I installed a UAV mod in John's 7800, I had the advantage of using an auxiliary board from -^CrossBow^- that served as both an audio board and a mount for the UAV. This made installation pretty simple.   For the Jr., though, the UAV inst

2600 Chewnyor Fixit & Mod kit - pt. 1

So, remember how Sean Connery would pronounce "Junior" whenever he was talking to Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"?   Well, there you go! I'll be repairing and adding a UAV mod to John Champeau's 2600 "Chewnyor".     Let's take a look at this crusty, disgusting thing, shall we? In all fairness to John, he thinks he picked it up like this either as part of an eBay lot or from a yard sale. It looks like it had been buried in a yard...     It'

The Switcher-Fixer-upper

As I was getting my 2600 setup set back up, I ran into another issue.   I used an old Pelican S-Video switch to connect my 2600 (along with other S-Video components like my LaserDisc player and Dreamcast) to my HDTV. Well, I no longer have the HDTV, and the LaserDisc player and Dreamcast are likely to stay in storage for the foreseeable future, but I wanted to re-use the switch with my Sony PVM-14M2U monitor so I wouldn't have to keep swapping cables.   And while it sti

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum in 2600 repair

The Sixer-Fixer-upper: Revisited

So, remember when I foolishly wrote this? I guess two years counts as "some longevity".   Because yesterday, after recently moving back to Seattle*, I finally unpacked my 2600, hooked it up for the first time, and got this:     Looks suspiciously like the pics in that other blog post, doesn't it? (I'm assuming you clicked on the link. If you didn't... how do you know I'm not lying? Or maybe there's something really spectacularly awesome you're missing o

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum in 2600 repair

Keepin' it clean

Yeah. Let's see you get that song outta your head. It's apparently been stuck in mine since 1977, since I remembered it verbatim while writing this blog entry. Note for note. Over and over.   What I'd forgotten until looking up the commercial is that it was basically an angle grinder for your face.   Anyway, I thought I'd briefly go over the repairs I did for John Champeau's other console, and also cover some tips about how I cleaned it up. Everyone has their own tricks for c

Nathan Strum

Nathan Strum in 2600 repair

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