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What PS3 games are you currently playing?


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PS3 games played in the past week:

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Co-op w/ my 6 yo)

Hamsterball and Pac-Man CE (requested by 4 yo)

Pixeljunk Shooter 1 & 2 (requested by kids... replaying levels for overlooked miners and diamonds)

Jak & Daxter collection and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (kid requests)

Orbit, Hungry Giraffe, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe (and other recent free PSN+ games)

Back to the Future

EA Sports Active 2 (w/ my 4 yo slave-driver)

and a few others...


See a theme in who selects the games? I haven't really found time for games that are just for me/ not as kid-friendly (Mass Effect 2, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Ico/ Shadow of the Colossus etc.). Last week's $10 Arkham City and $5 Rage and Bulletstorm are also lodged in the backlog. The Kindle Fire, Wii, and Game Gear also saw use this week.

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I just picked up my first PS3 after being a 360 user since its launch. I picked up a bunch of PS3 exclusives. It's nice that a lot of the better titles have now been out for awhile now and you can find used copies pretty cheat. I finished Resistance over the weekend and started Uncharted. Both are pretty good games. I really liked the 50's setting of Resistance.


I plan on picking up Darksiders and Savoteur which I never got around to getting for the 360. I also have Little Big Planet and Killzone 2 waiting for after I beat Uncharted.

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Playing the first MotorStorm. Wow I hated this game when I first played it but after figuring it out it's starting to grow on me. It's too bad that there aren't any trophies for it and it could use a few different modes other than just straight racing but I still find it a pretty good racer. Great pick up for $5.

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I've been playing a fair amount of Shift 2 lately.

I recently bought a Miata, and have been using the game to try and get used to the increased cockpit load. I'm still not as good as I need to be, because I start leaving the track as soon as I start going much above everyday driving speeds. At the corners, I often find that there is just too much for my brain to keep track of in the allowed time. Rather than playing with my typical paddle shifters and mild assists, I'm learning to ride bareback.


It's amazing how close that game comes to the real machine--they knocked it out of the park on this one. Granted there's so much more feedback from everywhere in a real car, but if I do well in this game, I should be a lot better driver for it.

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I just beat Uncharted 2 and Resistance 2. I really liked the first Resistance but couldn't really get into the second one. Im thinking of starting Killzone 2 or possibly Little Big Planet. I would pick up Uncharted 3 but it's still too new and needs to come down in price a little.

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